A new fishing catamaran that we haven't shown yet!

  • 29.01.2024
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In 2022, we planned to make a photo and video shoot of a very interesting catamaran called Minikat XXL. But, unfortunately, they did not have time to do it. Although they made several units that passed initial testing. Minikat XXL catamaran is the largest of the model line of mini catamarans. It is 2 times larger than the smallest Minikat. Here are its main characteristics: total length – 435 cm, width – 148 cm, cylinder diameter – 38 cm, hard floor size – 250 cm by 83 cm, load capacity – 340 kg. Thus, we have an even area above the water, the dimensions used are 250 cm by 125 cm, with two transoms and a separate place for things.
      As the tests showed, the XXL mini catamaran is very comfortable for two fishermen with good equipment. Its assembly is very simple and convenient, 5-10 minutes - and you are already on the water. Keep in mind that sitting above the water, and not in the water, as in a regular boat, is much more comfortable. It should be especially emphasized that the catamaran does not turn over and has 4 separate hermetic compartments. And due to the fact that the bottom does not touch the surface of the water, it passes perfectly over aquatic vegetation. In this way, you can find the best cities for fishing on a reservoir. All equipment is attached to balloons and transoms, and you can sit with great comfort even in beach chairs! The city is enough for everything. The catamaran is made only from German PVC and marine plywood. Therefore, the service life is very long. The Boathouse company has been operating for 15 years, and even our first catamarans are still running on reservoirs, and the owners do not want to change them! Which is not profitable for us at all.)))
      Now Minikat XXL can be purchased or ordered in the configuration you need at very good prices - we have a promotion "To Victory!" The Minikat XXL is available now for $887. For those who think that this catamaran is too big for one person (for some reason the partner couldn't...), we can say no. He is like a feather on the water - he moves so easily. And you can pull it into the water without any problems: there are 4 handles and protection of the lower part of the cylinders. As the professionals say, "there is no such thing as too many boats." If you went on vacation as a family, there is enough space for everyone to ride!
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