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SUP KAT Fisher Inflatable Fishing Board
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About company

BOATHOUSE Company -  is ukrainian manufacturing company, which manufactures kayaks, inflatable boats, catamarans and more than 100 additional equipment for them. A brand new, original design was developed in 2012 by famous designers, and taking into account recent developments in the boating industry, with modern high-quality materials. The design was so innovative and successful that it has been recognized by the invention and patented by us in Ukraine and the russian federation.

     The main features of the new design became the basis of all models BOATHOUSE: - catamaran structure with full hydrodynamic balloons, completely protected from the bottom with redans and stabilizers of directional stability;

- Built-in baggage compartments;

- Bottom that does not touch the water surface;

- Self-draining cockpit and unsinkable construction;

- Rigid flat flooring rests in the balloons and built-in frame elements - frames and transom.

     In addition, all model line is used many ingenious in its simplicity solutions. Because of this, all BOATHOUSE models have excellent technical and operational characteristics, very easу and quick assembly and they provide the highest level of safety and comfort.

     BOATHOUSE company's team consists of enthusiasts and experts in their field who are keen in fishing, hunting and tourism. We know very well the theory and practice of manufacturing the best inflatable boats, kayaks and catamarans, and, consequently, all the advantages and disadvantages of these structures. That is, based on this experience and knowledge, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of all known designs, were developed model line of kayaks STREAM, inflatable transom kayak SPORT, inflatable boats FISHER, large boats SEA FISHER, inflatable catamarans TRAVEL and huge catamarans TRAVEL-MAX.

     Now everyone will be able to choose the perfect boat of 72 models and countless configuration options. A huge range of additional equipment will allow you to create a unique boat that fits the most demanding requirements.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Why you should choose a company BOATHOUSE:

     - All of our customers - are people that like fishing and hunting, hiking and scuba diving, professional travelers and people with big experience.

     - The water area of usage of of our boats - is unlimited: all rivers, including mountain, overgrown with small ponds and large water reservoirs, estuaries and the sea.

     - Flexible system of discounts, reasonable prices and free delivery in Ukraine.

     - Usage of only high-quality materials in production, 3 years warranty and post-warranty service.

     - Huge selection of models and additional equipment of its own production and proven brands.

     - We provide the most detailed technical and operational characteristics, photos and video instructions, any consultation.

     - 90% of boats, kayaks and catamarans are available in individual equipment, taking into account all the client's wishes.

     - It always keep going analytical and design work, developing new products and publishing the test results with the most detailed data.

     - Work with customers, analyze responses, taking into account all their comments and suggestions, many of which are being introduced into production.

     - And, of course, the models themselves of boats, kayaks and catamarans, which have better technical and operational characteristics. Only Boathouse in light inflatable structure could provide absolute safety, comfort, efficiency and versatility - even the opportunity to live on the water!

"Having BOATHOUSE - means living with pleasure."