Aluminum low chair stand

Aluminum low chair stand

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     The aluminum arm chair is not rotatable - it is a beautiful and reliable base for any chair offered by the company Bothouse. The quadrilateral upper base of the rack, 18cm by 18cm in size, is fastened with four bolts to the chair, and the round base of the post is bolted to the hard deck of the boat with six bolts.

                                                          Стойка кресла алюминиевая

     The stand is made of aluminum. Therefore, you will not see any signs of corrosion. It weighs about 1 kg, and has a height of 30 cm. Together with the height of the chair 6 - 8 cm, the total height is about 37 cm. This is the ideal height for a comfortable fit. Thanks to the specialized chairs, which perfectly distribute the load of the body, the landing is very convenient and comfortable.

"Having BOTHAUS - you live with pleasure".

General Description


 BOATHOUSE company produces inflatable seat and chairs for boats , there are three types: single seat without backrest, traveling chair with backrest and captain's chair with backrest. Both chairs are transformers, ie are arranged and stacked in different positions, and the backrest is fixed at different angles of inclination. Seats are made of the boat's PVC fabric density of 750, with boat valves on each element. Therefore, a margin of safety and reliability is very large and lifespan - the same as boat has.

 According to its internal structure - they are small mattresses with spar structure asinflatable floorings have . Sitting and lying on them is very soft and comfortable not only in the boat, but also on the beach. Having in the boat at least one inflatable chair, you dont need a rescue equipment - it may very well perform the function of a rescue and keep a person on the water surface.

Inflatable chairs for boats

Boathouse can be used for:

- Seating not only in the boat, but also on the shore;
- Reclining - to relax, with, high backrest serves as a headrest;
- In the unfolded state - a mattress in a boat or on the shore;
- When in folded state - as a table or ottoman;
- A raft or rescue equipment.
    And children will significantly expand the range of usage: in the summer - swimming, and in winter - skating with slides. Buy Inflatable chairs for boats in Kharkov, order in Kyiv, Rivne, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, St. Petersburg, Moscow you can on the official website of the manufacturer of inflatable boats and seats for them - , placing an order on-line (via cart), or call us.


Aluminum low chair stand
Product Code: Стойка кресла алюминиевая низкая (18х18х16)
Overall dimensions, cm:
Overall dimensions 18*18*30 (см)
Height 30 (см)
The weight
Armchair aluminum, kg 1
Weight of aluminum frame


Aluminum armchair not rotatable - 1 pc.


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