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General Description

      SEA FISHER, as the name implies, boats for fishing on any expanse of water, including the sea. Inflatable boats, thanks to its structure also perfect for hunting and diving. The excellent passability is reached by the fact that even at full load, the boat bottom is above the water surface. Therefore, the boat moves on two solid hydrodynamic, fully reinforced bottom balloons. Good germination rate on the wave, very smooth moving, excellent stability and directional stability - these are the distinctive features of these models.

 Inflatable boats SEA FISHER, like all BOATHOUSE models, have elegant design and modern catamaran structure, which provides excellent driving performance. SEA FISHER boats have a very smooth movement by rowing and with the low-power engines. They are distinguished by a good cross on overgrown sites of reservoirs, shoals and rapids. Despite the large balloon diameter - 50 cm, SEA FISHER boat has a small angle of attack on the water, so the hydrodynamic performance is very good. Because of this, rowing speed is 6-7 km per hour, with the engine of 2.5 hp - 14 km per hour, and 5 hp - 20 km per hour. Moreover, for all models, regardless of length, speed indicators are the same. It is not a miracle - the longer the body, the less resistance in the water. And yet, a catamaran structure allows you to use the entire speed range - from trolling to the maximum - without transients. Accordingly, the economy at the highest level: with 1 liter of gasoline you can Travel more than 20 km. This is two times more than conventional keelboats.

Marine boats for fishing

SEA FISHER, which width is 186 cm, the width of the hard flooring - is 87 cm, and the used width of the boat  - is 150 cm, which allows you to sit next to each other. Front overhang balloons is 120 cm, 100 cm of which are used for waterproof locker. Boat's locker is just a huge - volume of 340 liters, as the trunk of a car. Large rear takeaway of the balloons - is 90 cm, equipped with interceptors needed for proper weight distribution and to achieve excellent handling and speed characteristics. Due to the rear takeaways of the balloons, even during cutting acceleration, the boat's nose wont lift up.

 Boathouse inflatable boats, Sea Fisher series consists of a high front frame (40 cm) with side baggage pockets, absolutely smooth heavy non-slip flooring with locking on balloons, oars with stainless steel oarlocks, jackstays across the entire length and transom, with thickness is 30 mm. Larger models have additional frames, which provide structural rigidity. In the standart configuration the boat has inflatable chairs with backs, four pressurized compartments, self-draining valve, spoilers, redans, stabilizers of directional stability, guard rail, additional protection of the balloon's bottom and handles for pulling, carrying and mooring. This provides increased safety and comfort of the boat.

 PVC boats SEA FISHER are unique among competitors and have at least 12 advantages:

- Easy and quick assembly (from 10 to 28 minutes, depending on the model's length );
- The highest level of safety;
- Increased passability and unlimited usage on the water area;
- The ability to use light engines and excellent high-speed performance;
- Efficiency and low operating costs;
- Comfort;
- Easy moving and excellent driving performance;
- Extensive interior space with a flat deck;
- The opportunity to travel and live on the water;
- A huge selection of models - from 3.5 m to 8 m in length;
- Good purchase price: boat + engine + additional equipment;
- A large list of additional equipment for fishing, hunting, recreation and travel, allows you to fully realize your desires and dreams, to create a unique boat for you.

Inflatable boats Price

Inflatable boats whose price is justified by quality of workmanship and used materials, as well as a huge number of interesting options - tents, plastic tables, swivel fishing chairs, inflatable flooring, side platforms, and even the tent, allowing to fish, hunt, or just to travel for weeks living on a boat in total comfort.

 You can buy inflatable boat in Kharkov, as well as order delivery in Kiev, Odessa, Mariupol, Zaporozhye, Lvov, Ivano-Frankivsk, Uzhgorod, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Moscow, St. Petersburg, you can on manufacturer's website "Boathouse.ua".

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".



Inflatable sea boat for fishing and hunting

SEA FISHER 350 stands out among all inflatables elegant design and original construction solution. The large width - 186 cm and balloons with a diameter of 50 cm, creating incredible stability of the boat and an excellent germination rate on the wave. It is the smallest boat of all SEA Fischer models. Overall dimension length is 345 cm due to the large overhang of balloons - 120 cm in front part (which 100 cm are for waterproof locker volume of 340 liters) and 90 cm at the rear part. Therefore, this catamaran weights 47 kg, which is comparable with keelboat which lenght is 3 m.

SEA FISHER 350 - is a double catamaran, with a load capacity of 360 kg, with a very smooth movement as on the oars, as with feeble engine. On the oars you can go both forward and reverse, top speed will be 7 kilometers per hour, and with the engine power of 2.5 hp - up to 15 km per hour. The maximum power reserve with 1 liter of gasoline could be more than 20 km. With its base equipment this boat has everything you need, including inflatable chairs with backs and some options that increase your safety: 4 pressurized compartments, German PVC fabric density of 900, self-draining cockpit, redan across the bottom part of balloons that reinforced with PVC fabric. Thus,to turn over SEA FISHER or pierce its bottom - is impossible.                                                                                               

Excellent passability of the boat provides its catamaran structure and the bottom that does not touch the surface of the water. Therefore, SEA Fischer can be used on large expanses of water, and in overgrown places of ponds, and even on mountain rivers.
It should be noted that its assembly is very easy and quick - 10-15 minutes by one person, the boat fits in two bags. You can install inside the boat in 1 minute absolutely flat rigid flooring from two parts, lenght of 132 cm and width of 87 cm, but actually used width - is 1.5 m. Of course, if you are proffesional fisherman, then a specially equipped boat will be used primarily by one person, so the weight and assembly indicators are the most important. Large additional equipment for fishing and relaxation will help you to create the most comfortable conditions for your favorite business.                    

Economy, safety, passability and comfort - these are the main advantages of the "water SUV» SEA FISHER 350.

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".



Product Code: SEAFISHER 350
Габаритные размеры, см:
Размер упаковки 160*50*30
Длина лодки 347
Ширина лодки 186
Диаметр баллонов,см:
Диаметр баллонов 50
Кол-во гермоотсеков, шт:
Кол-во гермоотсеков 4
Плотность ткани ПВХ:
Плотность ткани ПВХ 900
Вес лодки, кг:
Вес лодки в сборе 47
Грузоподъемность, кг:
Грузоподъемность 360
Пассажиро-вместимость, чел:
Пассажиро-вместимость 2
Осадка при полной нагрузке, см:
Осадка при полной нагрузке 26
Объем переднего рундука, л:
Объем переднего рундука 340
Количество длина кокпитов:
Количество и длина кокпитов 1*132
Макс. мощность двигателя, л.с.:
Макс. мощность двигателя 6
Максимальный запас хода на 1 л бензина, км:
Максимальный запас хода на 1 л бензина 22
Максимальная скорость, км/ч:
Максимальная скорость на веслах 7
Максимальная скорость с двигателем 2,5 л.с 15



1.The body with inflatable balloons, transom and front frames

2.pressurized compartments

3.The spoilers

4.The intermediate frame .

5.Front waterproof locker, volume of 100 l

6.Aluminium pipe

7.Side baggage pockets with eyelets

8.bottom ceiling in aluminum profiles

9.Draining valve

10.Mount of the flooring on the balloons

11.Flooring clamps

12.Guard rail

13.Redan in the bow

14.Protection of the redan with PVC cloth

15.Stabilizers of directional stability

16.Protecion of the balloons over the entire length


18.Handles for towing and transportation

19.Handles for mooring and carrying

20.Handles for oars

21.BOATHOUSE stickers

22.Inflatable chair

23.Inflatable chair for traveling

24.Inflatable chair for captain

25.Bag for boat

26.Bag for flooring, chairs and equipment

27.Foot pump, volume of 6L

28.Repair kit

29.Package of documents

Additional equipment with installation:

1. pressurized compartment

2. Reinforced transom (max. Capacity of the engine - 15 hp)

3. Side mud flaps for a short cockpit

4. Side mud flaps for a long cockpit

5. reinforced protection of the bottom part of the balloons

6. mudflaps in the front of the boat

7. Additional duck handles for carrying and mooring

8. Additional stainless oars with handles

9. Inflatable chair

10. Inflatable traveling chair

11. Inflatalbe captain's chair

12. Inftalable swivel chair

13. Inflatable fisherman swivel chair

14. Plastic assembled oval table

15. Plastic assembled rectangular table

16. Inflatable flooring

17. Double tent with side entrance and bracing for boat

18. Double tent with front entrance and bracing for boat

19. Aluminium hydrodynamic awning 140cm  

20. Aluminium hydrodynamic awning 280cm

21. Bracing for sonar

22. Bracing for sonar cencor

23. Bracing for rod

24. Bracing on transom for rod

25. Holders for cups

26. A set of glasses made of stainless steel (6 pcs)

27. The aluminum folding ladder for swimming - 135.

28. Anchor clip

29. Duck

30. Mounting on board (for baggage)

31. Electropomp

32. mushroom anchor 3,7kg

33. mushroom anchor 4,8kg

34. mushroom Anchor 6,2 kg

35. lifejacket 10kg-30kg

36. lifejacket 30kg-50kg

37. lifejacket 50kg-70kg

38. lifejacket 70kg-90kg

39. lifejacket 90kg-110kg

40. lifejacket 110kg-150kg

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