Catamaran TRAVEL XXL 790

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Travel XXL 790 has an overall length of 7.92 m and a width of 2.98 m. With these parameters, its carrying capacity is 1890 kg, and passenger capacity is 25 men.

General Description

TRAVEL XXL catamarans are based on the TRAVEL MAX catamarans. Their main purpose is commercial use for transporting people and goods. They are also great for relaxing on water with large companies. How cool it is to have a corporate party and have a party aboard TRAVEL XXL ... A wonderful and memorable vacation!

     The water area of ​​using TRAVEL XXL is not limited: they are suitable both for the sea and for any rivers. Meta wave these catamarans pass playfully. On the main cylinders, with a diameter of 67 cm, additional cylinders with a diameter of 32 cm with an offset to the outside are securely fixed. Thus, the seat is the main cylinders, carpeted, and the back - additional cylinders. In the middle you can put tables and chairs. Safety is also at a very high level: in the basic configuration there are 6 pressurized compartments, a self-casting unsinkable design of a catamaran, the best high-quality materials, protection from below along the entire length, even falling out of the catamaran is quite difficult - you need to try very hard!

     The width of the hard flooring in the aluminum profile with stringers and with a non-slip coating is 135 cm. Thus, the internal used width of the catamaran is 235 cm and the deck length is up to 593 cm. The overall width is 299 cm and the length is up to 860 cm. In the front part is a huge waterproof locker with a volume of 500 liters. Also, in front is a removable ladder to go ashore. The passenger capacity of TRAVEL XXL catamarans is limited only by carrying capacity. The largest TRAVEL XXL 860 has a carrying capacity of 2100 kg, and passenger capacity - up to 35 people. The draft, however, is only 35 cm. This allows you to go through the shallow water and land directly on the beach.

     Powerful transverse frames are used for body rigidity, and the transom has a maximum thickness of 48 mm. It's hard to believe, but an engine with only 6 hp. enough for a confident and very economical movement: with one captain, he accelerates TRAVEL XXL 860 to 18 km / h, with 10 passengers - 12 km / h, and with a full load - 8 km / h. This is the merit of solid cylinders of a special hydrodynamic shape. If you need a reserve of power and speed, then the motor is 15 - 20 hp. will be more than enough.

     TRAVEL XXL catamarans are assembled from 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the model, and they can easily be transported to water from 4 to 8 people. They can also be used for family vacations, if you need a large area. If necessary, they can be equipped not only with an awning and furniture, but also with a steering console, dry closet, inflatable flooring and a tent. UV-resistant German PVC has a temperature range from - 50 to + 70 degrees. Therefore, TRAVEL XXL catamarans can “live” on water constantly.

     "Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."


Catamaran TRAVEL XXL 790
Product Code: 790
Brand: Boathouse
The weight
Total weight 228
Overall dimensions, cm:
Packing size, cm: 240*60*60
The used width of the cockpit, cm: 228
Width of hard flooring, cm: 129
Boat length, cm 792
Boat width 290
Diameter of cylinders, cm:
Diameter of additional cylinder 32
Diameter of cylinders, cm: 67
The number of pressure compartments, pcs:
The number of pressure compartments, pcs: 6
PVC fabric density:
PVC fabric density: 900+ reinforced bottom protection
Payload, kg:
Payload kg: 1890
Passenger capacity, people:
Passenger capacity, people: 25
Draft at full load, cm:
Draft at full load, cm: 36
Количество длина кокпитов:
Number and length of cockpits 1х132, 2х197
Max. engine power, hp:
Max. engine power, hp 30
Thickness of the reinforced transom, mm:
Thickness of the reinforced transom, mm: 48


1. Hull with inflatable bladders, reinforced transom and front frame - 1

2. Additional cylinders 32 dia. - 2

3. Pressurized compartments - 4

4. Interceptors - 2

5. Intermediate frame - 2

6. Front locker on a snake - 1

7. Aluminum tube - 2

8. Paels in aluminum profiles - 8

9. Stringer - 6

10. Aluminum strip with fasteners - 5

11. Drain valves - 24

12. Fastening the flooring on cylinders - 16

13. Flooring clamps - 4

14. Handles-ducks - 8

15. Aluminum transom plate - 1

16. Fender - 4

17. Redan in the bow - 2

18. Armor redan with PVC fabric - 2

19. Stabilizers of exchange rate stability - 2

20. Triple protection of the bottom of the cylinders along the entire length - 2

21. Safety rail along the entire length of the body - 2

22. Towing ring - 1

23. Ladder - 1

24. Carpet overlay for the balloon - 6

25. BOATHOUSE stickers - 3.

26. Cover for the catamaran - 1.

27. Cover bag for flooring - 2.

28. Bag-case for stringers - 1

29. Foot pump 6L - 1.

30. Repair kit - 1.

31. Package of documents - 1.


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