Commercial pvc catamaran for walks, excursions TRAVEL XXL

  • 23.12.2019
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   Commercial inflatable catamaran for water excursions and walks, transportation of divers to distant, interesting places TRAVEL XXL from the manufacturer’s company BOATHOUSE is built on a 67 cm tank, has a 234 cm cockpit width, is equipped with a flat hard floor made of sea plywood with non-slip coating, and also with raised bumpers, which makes its construction completely safe and unsinkable.
   Placement of passengers on the sides of a commercial catamaran on a soft carpet is as comfortable as on mounted soft seats, bulwarks in this case perform the function of backs to support the lower back. The sunshade covers absolutely the entire length of the cockpit with passengers and the captain, and its aerodynamic design has no windage and does not give resistance when moving an inflatable catamaran in large water.
   The TREVEL XXL commercial catamaran series includes 5 models, the smallest of which is 6 m long with a passenger capacity of up to 20 people, and the largest TRAVEL XXL 860 inflatable catamaran is 8.5 m, with a passenger capacity of 36 people. The safety and comfort of our catamarans is time-tested and confirmed by our customers. The complete set of any BOATHOUSE catamaran will pleasantly surprise anyone, even the most demanding customer. Depending on the purpose, our consultants will advise what exactly it is necessary to equip your catamaran, for the maximum targeted use. Call, be interested, order our catamarans - please yourself and your clients with a comfortable and safe vacation in the open spaces.
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