Side platforms for inflatable boats BP (D38-50) small

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The side platform for boats, on which a quality double-layer tent with reliable anchorages is installed, was specially designed for medium and large models of SEA FISHER inflatable boats. The smallest model, suitable for installing a side platform - Sea Fisher 550В. 3D visualization on our website will help not only to find the right boat for you, but also to equip it with a side platform and additional equipment, and most importantly - to consider everything in detail and from all sides. 

If the main boat has a motor with a power of 5-6 hp, the maximum speed with two side platforms will be about 16-17 km per hour, regardless of the length of the main boat. It is clear that the more loading, the lower the maximum speed. But even at full load, the speed will be no less than 10 km per hour. For example, this is the speed of a conventional inflatable keel boat, 3 m long, with a similar motor and two people on board. Such excellent speed characteristics of BOTHAUS inflatable boats are achieved by means of one-piece cylinders of special hydrodynamic shape and a bottom not touching the water surface (catamaran structure).

 Side platform for boats

Side platforms for inflatable boats, which we can attach to the boats FISHER, give the opportunity to go fishing for a few days very far from home. You can get to the most remote and "fish" places and fully enjoy fishing and rest. And in summer you can spend an unforgettable vacation on the water with the whole family or a good company.

     Let's sum up, what does the side platform give? The main thing is that when there is always a house nearby, these are completely different feelings.


     1. You do not have to worry and look for places to park on the shore, which is not so much, and every year they become all dirtier.

     2. Do not need to camp every day, carry things, then collect the camp and again transfer and put things in a kayak. By the way, for two weeks of travel, not less than 30 hours of monotonous and tedious activity is saved!

     3. You are no longer worried about the weather: sunny - well, overcast - excellent, it began to rain - climbed into the tent and relaxed.

     4. You can anchor in the middle of the river or lake in the most beautiful place, and fish, sunbathe, swim directly from the boat and sleep on the water.

     5. Sleeping in a tent on an inflatable platform is much better than on the shore - warm, smooth and even.

     6. Overnight on the water is absolutely safe - you can only get to you by swimming.

     7. The safety of the boat itself is also greatly improved: it is impossible to turn this design at all, and additional inflatable elements increase passive safety.

     8. Your possibilities greatly expand - the range of boat use increases, it becomes possible to travel long distances.

Safety, comfort, economy and full independence - these are the components of a good rest at Boathouse (floating house).

     "Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".


General Description

The side platform is a platform, 2.1 m by 1.5 m in size, made of a spar beam from a boat PVC fabric. It has a rather large longitudinal stiffness, but it is soft enough and comfortable for sleeping. Inflatable flooring is attached to frame aluminum pipes, which, in turn, are attached to an additional cylinder and to the main boat. The first and fifth pipes are bolted to the frames of the boat, and the second, third and fourth - on the boat. Thus, the rigidity of the whole structure is achieved, which is amplified by a halyard stretched from the bow of the boat to an additional balloon.
This construction is not new, it goes back deeply into antiquity, when Polynesians and other nationalities overcame long distances on their shuttles with a side platform made of bamboo or wooden sticks and a hut or canopy mounted on it. Modern materials and new technologies have allowed to recreate this ingenious, in its simplicity, and practical design and make it much easier, safer and more comfortable. In the daytime, the inflatable flooring is used for recreation: it can be sunbathed, you can swim with it, you can get full-length and fish, or simply use it as a cargo platform. And at night, literally in 5 minutes, a qualitative two-layer tent is installed, with the formula 2 + 1. It is very securely attached to the platform, so that neither strong winds nor heavy rains can prevent your rest.

 Side platforms for inflatable boats

Side platforms for inflatable boats are designed for all model categories of boats Boathouse - from kayaks to sea boats. The only thing they differ from each other is an additional balloon, the diameter of which should be the same as that of the main boat. It is clear that not all models are suitable for the installation of side platforms, but only those that, in addition to the large cockpit, to which the side platform is attached, there is still at least one cockpit ahead. Visualization 3D will determine the most suitable boat model for you, and consider the whole design from different angles.
Thanks to hydrodynamic cylinders, the lateral platform slows down the movement by only 1 - 2 km per hour. But what advantages does it give only 3 sq.m. living area! First of all, it is an opportunity to live on the water in comfort for a long time, not depending on the parking places on the shore. Save a lot of time and effort in finding a suitable place on the shore, for the breakdown and assembly of the camp (monotonous and annoying activities). Do not depend on the vagaries of the weather: when the house is always there, you do not worry about anything. And of course, a trip to the Boathouse (floating house) gives quite different sensations - security, comfort, full of freedom and peace. This is the best rest for 100%!

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".


Side platforms for inflatable boats BP (D38-50) small
Product Code: Двойная БП (D38-50) малая
Brand: Boathouse
Sleeping places
Sleeping places with hard flooring, men 0
Sleeping places with inflatable flooring, men 6
Overall dimensions, cm:
Additional cylinder length, cm: Depending on the model of the main catamaran
Dimensions with inflatable flooring 205х310
Dimensions with rigid deck 205х262
Packing size with inflatable deck 210х55х40
Rigid deck packing size 210х70х40
Standard packaging size 210х30х30
Diameter of cylinders, cm:
Diameter of additional cylinder 38-50
Passenger capacity, people:
Passenger capacity, people: 6
The number of pressure compartments, pcs:
Number of pressurized compartments with inflatable flooring 2+1
Number of pressurized compartments with rigid flooring 2
The number of pressurized compartments in the basic 2
The weight
Platform weight as standard, kg 36
Platform weight with inflatable decking, kg 56
Platform weight with rigid deck, kg 100
Luggage compartment size, cm:
The size of the additional open locker, cm: 130х40


1. Inflatable flooring of PVC fabric 210 cm x 150 cm x 10 cm - 1.

2. Safety rails along the perimeter - 1.

3. Hinges for fixing the flooring - 4.

4. Additional balloon 390 cm, diameter 50 cm, with one valve - 1.

5. The bar on the additional cylinder is 1.

6. Redan in the bow of the balloon - 1.

7. Protection of the bottom of the balloon - 1.

8. Stability stabilizer - 1.

9. Handles for carrying on the balloon - 3.

10. Double pipe fastening loops on the cylinder - 5.
11. Frame tubes with two eyelets and a retainer - 2.

12. Bolts with lambs - 4.

13. Frame tubes with clamps - 3.

14. Hinges of fastening of skeleton pipes on a boat - 3.

15. Fal - 1.

16. Carrying case - 1.

Additional equipment with installation:

1. A germ-o-ring (1 piece) - 12 - 15.

2. Suspended transom (engine power up to 3.5 hp) - 28.

3. Stronger protection of the lower part of the cylinders (for 1 mp) - 5.

4. Additional open locker - 38.

5. Handle-duck for carrying and mooring (instead of usual) - 2.

6. Double tent with side entrance and fittings - 205.

7. Electropump - 18.



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