Awnings for boats, catamarans

BOATHOUSE produces aerodynamic awnings for inflatable boats from the sun and rain of a new modern design - from aluminum pipes and PVC fabrics. This original construction of awnings is an in-house development of BOTHAUS. A feature of the BOTHAUS awnings is in their aerodynamic properties. That is, they do not create wind barriers - "do not sail." This is achieved by the fact that the tent itself made of PVC fabric forms an even horizontal plane with almost zero sail, - there is simply no reason to "get caught" by the wind.

 Awnings for inflatable boats

Awnings on boats BOATHOUSE have one characteristic feature - if the canopy prevents fishing or sunbathing, then it forms in a minute in the form of a radar arch, as on boats, and remains on the boat in an upright position, absolutely not interfering with you. Of course, it can also be put on a boat while passing low bridges. Almost all boat tents when folded simply fall on the boat, but any recumbent tent takes a place and always hinders. Awnings for inflatable boats of the company BOTHAUS have even one advantage - they absolutely do not interfere with rowing and review of the surroundings. It should be noted from practice that in any weather the awning perfectly performs its functions, and the boat with it looks much more respectable and respectable. It perfectly protects from the scorching sun, but not from a pleasant morning or evening. Also, the tent protects well from the rain. Of course, if this rain is not accompanied by a strong side wind. In addition, especially in the distant hike, pipes and rope tents are used for drying towels and clothes. But especially good tents for a pvc boat are protected during a debilitating heat - it's just salvation.

Despite the external lightness and large dimensions, all the awnings on the boat BOTHAUS are running and are able to withstand hurricane winds (checked repeatedly in practice).

 Awning for a boat can be bought in the Internet-shop "", you can either place an order on-line or call our managers by contact numbers in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Mariupol, Moscow, St.- Petersburg.

 Not only in long trips, but also in fishing, in heat and bad weather, aerodynamic awnings of BOTHAUS greatly improve the comfort of the boat and help in achieving the main task - to get maximum pleasure. This is the main philosophy of the company:
"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".