Bullying for boats, catamarans

     Bulwarks are additional inflatable balloons made of German PVC fabric, which are mounted on Boathouse catamarans in the upper part of the main balloons from the outside. Bullying can be 3 diameters: 15cm, 21cm and 32cm. It all depends on the chosen catamaran model and tasks. The bulwarks are tightly fixed to the main cylinders with special mounts, so that they can easily be equipped with oarlocks, oars and paddle holders. They have the same valves as the catamaran itself, and are inflated after the main cylinders.
     Consider the main advantages of catamarans equipped with bulwarks.
   1) Significantly improve the seaworthiness of the catamaran, as the freeboard height increases by 12-28cm.
   2) Excellent protection against splashes and are the best chipper.
   3) Significantly increase the depth of the cockpit and living space - the entire upper surface of the tanks can be used.
   4) Increase safety, as these are additional cylinders, and are an excellent protection for active children from falling overboard.
   5) A solid appearance and elevation of the status of your vessel from a simple SUV prepared for serious trials.
     Adequate price, real advantages and a small weight gain in the catamaran allowed to catch the popularity of boathouse catamarans equipped with bulwarks.
It should be noted that on large models of catamarans it is not necessary to install a bulwark from the nose to the transom. You can leave a place in the aft for the installation of a ladder for swimming and anchor equipment.

     "Having a Boathouse - you live with pleasure."