Inflatable floor for boat

The inflatable floor for the boat is a technologically complex, but very reliable and durable design. According to its design, it is a high-pressure spar, made of German PVC boat fabric, with a density of 750, and using the same technology as for the manufacture of boats. 

Due to the longitudinally spars, inflatable floor for the boat pvc have a great longitudinal stiffness - which significantly expands their field of application. They can be used on catamarans, stacking them on a frame structure, while they can be walked freely. Sitting and lying on them is very comfortable, so it is advisable to use them in the form of sandek (solar deck), or as a deck for a tent.

 Inflatable floor for boat

That is why, they are manufactured and used by BOTHAUS on side platforms and directly inside the boats of TRAVEL and SEA FISHER models under the tent. The height of the decks is chosen in such a way that an almost level platform is formed together with the cylinders. To sleep on them is a pleasure. There is an inflatable flooring for a minute, and in the folded state it takes up a minimum of space.

 And on the beach, inflatable decking is very practical, - do not choose a dry flat place or clear it for litter. Sticks, bumps, holes and moisture simply will not be felt. And in case of pollution, inflatable decking is washed with plain water - very practical. Also, the inflatable flooring is convenient to use and as water mattresses. Lie down, sunbathe on the water like many. The buoyancy (carrying capacity) of inflatable decks is very decent. For example, the flooring is 197 cm by 95 cm, it is 180 kg.

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The main advantages of BOTHAUS inflatable decking are their reliability, durability and multifunctionality. Dozens of years of operation, and most importantly - creating the most comfortable conditions for its owners.
"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure".