Морские катамараны ПВХ

Sailing armament

    In developing of the rig Boathouse, we were reaching four main goals:

1) rig has to be "popular" - that is very affordable;

2) rig should approach any Boathouse model;

3) The rig should be simple and effective - with a view to man, who never went under sail, could for the first time, without any special skills start from point A, and go back to point A, just under one sail;

4) rig must be absolutely safe.

Sailing armament

     All tasks have been successfully completed. What is rig equipment you can see in description.

     Task 1. All rig - mast with boom, steps with fixings, main-sail, drop keels with centerboard pipe, steering wheel and all the rigging - cost 390$. In other words - the "eternal" engine is less than the cheapest petrol engine.

     Task 2. Rig fits perfectly to any BOATHOUSE model, ranging from kayaks and ending with big catamarans. Moreover, by choosing the model you are interested in, you can go to the 3D view and see how will look your boat with a sail. Also, some accessories can be mounted on it.
     Task 3. At the final stage of testing, were taken people who have no experience of sailing. And the first time, at a wind speed of 3 - 4 m / s, they started at the beach and came back under sail alone. Very simple operation, steer steering oar and sail and effective work centerboards allow even go against the wind at an acute angle. Therefore, even for beginners was not difficult to choose a driving direction and keep in tension the sail.
     Task 4. The main element that represents a danger - a boom. On sailing arms Boathouse boom is made of lightweight aluminum tube, which height is 1 m. That is, the boom goes over the heads of people who sitting in front.
     It should be noted that any model Boathouse, thanks to the structure of the catamaran, on which you can set sail - no registration is required (unless the engine). Speed with a tail and crosswind 4 - 5 m/s is 5 - 10 km / h, depending on the model of the boat and the chosen course. But the main thing - it is the pleasure that you get when moving from wind energy. And also the economic aspect - you move, without spending a dime. A trifle, but nice.

"Having BOATHOUSE - means living with pleasure."