Боковые платформы для катамарана

Side platform for inflatable boats, catamarans

Боковая платформа для лодки ПВХ     The side platform is a 2.05 m by 1.55 m (small side platform) or 2.05 m by 2.05 m (large side platform) platform. The platform is made of spar inflatable flooring of boat PVC fabric, 10 cm high. It has good longitudinal rigidity, but soft enough and comfortable for the body. The inflatable flooring is fixed to the frame aluminum pipes, which, in turn, are attached to the extra balloon and to the side of the main catamaran. The first and fifth pipes are bolted to the frames, and the intermediate pipes - the second, third and fourth - are boarded the catamaran via PVC mounting. Thus, the rigidity of the whole structure is achieved.

    This design is not new, it goes back deep into antiquity when the Polynesians, Indonesians and other peoples traveled long distances on their shuttles with a side platform made of bamboo or wooden sticks and a slam or canopy mounted on it. Modern materials and new technologies have made it possible to recreate this ingenious, simple and practical design and make it much easier, safer and more comfortable. In the afternoon, the side platform is used for relaxation: it can be sunbathing and swimming, full growth and fishing, or simply used as a cargo platform. And for the night, in just 5 minutes, a quality two-layer tent is installed, with one catamaran entrance. Depending on the size of the platform, the tent can be triple or quadruple. It is securely secured to the platform so that neither strong winds nor heavy rainfall will prevent your rest. Absolutely safe.

 Надувная боковая платформа для катамарана 

The side platforms are designed for all Boathouse models - from transom kayaks to large marine catamarans. The only difference is that they differ from each other - an additional cylinder whose diameter should be the same or slightly smaller than the main catamaran. It is clear that not all models are suitable for the installation of side platforms, but only those that have a large cockpit, to which the side platform is attached. In addition to the side platform can be made front and rear open pvc made of PVC, on which it is convenient to place water in 20l bottles, sealed bags and other things that are not afraid of rain.

     The side platforms can be from one to six, depending on the catamaran model. For example, one or two small or large side platforms can be installed on the Sea Fisher 410 (one large cockpit). And on the Sea Fisher 800 can be installed from one to six, small or large side platforms. Most correctly, and most often, the side platforms have on the left side of the main catamaran. Trimaran is obtained, which has the optimum width for walking on all rivers and reservoirs. This is really convenient, because the captain is sitting on the starboard engine, nothing interferes with control and inspection, and no connection with the water element. Tents assembled overnight on side platforms can be disassembled for further travel. The captain has a great view forward, back, and starboard. And the left side is controlled by one of the crew members, sitting in front. In addition, you can swim or fish from the right catamaran.

     Боковая платформаThe process of assembling side platforms is extremely simple. They are already assembled with frame side platform tubes in a bag-cover. It is necessary to untie the case, untwist the platform (s) on any level ground, inflate the balloon, and pump the flooring or decks with the pump. Then connect with the main catamaran. All. Thus, you can only use one catamaran for fishing or relaxing for one day, and when you are going on a trip - add side platforms and go! In the unexplored gave and the most beautiful places for excellent fishing and unforgettable experiences!

     Thanks to the hydrodynamic cylinders of a special shape, the side platforms reduce the speed of movement by only 1 - 3 km per hour. Accordingly, the fuel consumption is slightly higher. But what are the benefits of a BOTHOUSE (floating house)! First of all, it is an opportunity to travel and live on the water in comfort for a long time, regardless of the parking places on the shore. Overnight in the tents on the side platforms is completely safe and very comfortable - dry, soft and warm. You can anchor in the open water in a beautiful place where you can fish well, you can choose an island or a strand in the middle of the water, and you can stop at the wild beach. Such places on any river or reservoir are enough, and it is possible to reach them only by water. And how much time and effort is saved to find a suitable place to park on the shore, to break down and build a camp - tedious and monotonous work. The whims of the weather will now in no way affect your vacation and your mood: when the house is always near, and the catamaran under the shelter, you will not worry about anything. And of course, traveling to the Boathouse gives you a completely different feeling - safety, comfort and complete freedom. This is the best holiday with 200% invested!

"Having a BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."