How to travel by kayak with great comfort?

  • 21.02.2024
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Everyone is used to traditional kayaks, frame and inflatable. Many people are interested in traveling on them. But after trying this type of active and very interesting vacation, they realize the shortcomings and want to improve this amazing vacation. The main dissatisfactions are a low level of comfort, a low level of safety, the inability to return to the point of departure against the current and dependence on parking places on the river bank. There are still inconveniences, but we will not focus on them. Our goal is different: to draw your attention to completely different kayaks - Sport transom kayaks, which offer a much higher level of comfort and safety, and will make future river trips the best vacation!
      The main difference between Sport transom kayaks and traditional kayaks is the presence of a transom and a catamaran structure. Thanks to this, Sport kayaks do not overturn, even if everyone swims from the same side. They go against the current very easily, even with the smallest engine. It is possible to use one engine for two or three kayaks by applying a side mount. Thus, you can travel downstream on oars, and then, tying two or three kayaks together, go against the current under the engine to the starting point of the rafting.
      We are currently doing one very interesting project for people who have traveled a lot on various kayaks and boats. And we want to share it with you. We hope it will be interesting. The primary task was as follows: a comfortable and safe river trip for two families, in the number of 6 people, with the possibility of transfer over obstacles, independence from places on the shore and return to the point of departure under one engine, where the cars remained. And also, preferably, to be able to move through reservoirs, the Dnieper and Dniester reservoirs. By the way, many people may have such a desire, but it seems impossible. But not with Boathouse!
      After entering all the data, we decided to do it this way. The main boats are two Sport 561 three-seater transom kayaks, with seats and oars. Mobile beach 440, which has its own floating balloons, and on which two three-person tents can be installed. And they chose an economical engine - Suzuki 4-stroke, with a power of 6 hp, which will be enough for the confident movement of this entire fleet against the current. It looks like this: two kayaks on the sides, and in the middle there is a mobile beach, which is quickly attached with carabiners to the sides of the kayaks and has minimal resistance to the current. By the way, you can row in this form, only in the right-hand kayak people row with the right side, and in the left-hand one - with the left. But this arrangement is better suited for movement under the engine, which is installed on any kayak. Just imagine this building - 5.5 m long and 4 m wide. Almost 20 square meters of usable space on the water. Very cool!
      Finally, what we have: all six people traveling in comfort and in complete safety. Each has its own compartment with an upholstered chair with a high back, almost two hermetic compartments for each and the impossibility of overturning. Separately, each kayak, like a mobile beach, weighs up to 50 kg when equipped, which makes it easy to carry them over obstacles. You can set up tents on the platform and spend the night near the shore, in shallow water, or anchor in the best town. And if there is a desire to spend the night on the shore to sit by the bonfire - a mobile beach is brought to the shore - a flat area for tents is ready. Complete freedom of choice and independence from the coast and circumstances! And on big water, Sport transom kayaks performed very well. For 12 years of production - only good reviews. And the last thing that should be pointed out is that this entire fleet, assembled, will fit in the trunk of an average car. Regarding the assembly, it is also an amazing thing: if you use an electric pump, the assembly of two kayaks and a platform will take 20-30 minutes!
       We hope you like this new concept. River travel is one of the best vacations, and in this form - it becomes simply unsurpassed! And although the war continues, all of Ukraine hopes for our joint complete victory. And that's why we are already dreaming and planning a peaceful and beautiful life!
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