Important information for customers

Important information for customers

 In this section, you can read articles about how to make the right choice about chosing correct model of an inflatable boat or catamaran. We will tell you about the features that distinguish our PVC boats Boathouse from competitors. We give information about why catamaran stucture exceeds normal! Tell, what to consider when choosing an inflatable boat and what features followed when buying! In our articles you will find recommendations for use and storage of your inflatable boat or a catamaran or kayak, to ensure its long-term and reliable use.

Advantages of catamarans BOATHOUSE
 All models BOATHOUSE, despite their diversity, have common advantages over other inflatable boats and kayaks. It is a result of ingenious design solutions, with help of modern high-quality materials and with the assistance of rowing masters and professional travelers, was created "ideal" model of the boat, which was the basis of all, without exception, Boathouse models of kayaks - up to large catamarans.
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How to choose a boat?
 All people, interested in fishing, hunting, rafting and travel, often asked me a question: what is better to buy - a boat, inflatable keelboat or flat-bottomed boat, inflatable kayak or a carcass, and maybe a catamaran? All these types of boats have its advantages and disadvantages, but the main thing in them - a narrow focus and specific qualities. Those boats that are suitable for fishing, is absolutely not suitable for tourism, and those boats that are suitable for rawting - absolutely not suitable for hunting and fishing, etc.
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Features of operation of boats BOATHOUSE
  Collected in a special bag or a bag, cover, boat BOATHOUSE can be placed practically in any car. Dimensions of folded boat are 95 cm x 35 cm x 30 cm to 160 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm - depending on the model, weight - from 14 kg to 120 kg and is required for the complete assembly from 7 to 28 minutes. The service life of PVC inflatable boats is not limited, in average, it is 10 years or more, if you follow the basic rules of operation. The main thing - is do not assemble the boat in the freezing cold - hairline cracks may appear, and then the boat loses tightness. Also, it is very important - treat it gently in the folded state. When deflated boat - it is most vulnerable, and vice versa, when it is assembled and inflated well - it is safe to storm the mountain rivers up to 4 grade.
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How to choose the right model
 The company produces 5 BOATHOUSE model lines: Frame and inflatable kayaks STREAM, inflatable kayaks SPORT, inflatables FISHER, sea inflatable boats SEA FISHER and catamarans TRAVEL. Determine which model range is right for you will help a detailed description on the website. When choosing, you should consider first of all what you will mostly deal with, that is - why do you need a boat? Suppose, if you want to travel with the maximum comfort - TRAVEL models are more suitable, if you are a fisherman or a hunter on a large river or reservoir - best choice is SEA FISHER, etc. It is clear that on ane BOATHOUSE you can fish, and hunt, and travel, but in spite of the versatility, there are still personal preferences and requirements.