Inflatable balloon 45 cm, "nose-nose"

Inflatable balloon 45 cm, "nose-nose"

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Inflatable PVC cylinders made of high-quality German fabric, nose-nose configuration, diameter 45 cm, - designed to build a floating catamaran for fast rapids. When choosing the length of an inflatable symmetric balloon, two important points must be taken into account: firstly, the catamaran with such a configuration will have no course stability, and secondly, the upper platform should be located no closer than 100 cm from the nose and from the end of the bottle ). This is due to the hydrodynamic shape, which allows you to move with minimal effort and quickly change course. Also, it is important for good germination on the wave and successful overcoming obstacles. If you set the editor along the entire length - the exchange rate stability will be slightly better, but still much lower than that of an asymmetric balloon with a stabilization stabilizer.

Inflatable balloon 50cm can be additionally equipped with ball handles, fasteners, a spare bar, protection of the whole bottom part and additional seals. This will greatly facilitate the construction of the catamaran, make it safer and more convenient to operate.

General Description

     BOATHOUSE inflatable balloons for catamarans, inflatable boats, and kayaks are made from one-piece high-quality PVC fabric made in Germany with a density of 750 and 900. This is a rather complicated and costly method, especially when making large cylinders with a length of 6-8 meters. But thanks to this technology, the cylinder has only one seam, which is located below and is the strongest part, because it has triple fabric (two safety tapes are used - on the top and bottom of the seam). It is almost impossible to break through the balloon in this place (from the bottom of the balloon), taking into account the additional protection of the entire lower part of the cylinders over triple fabric.
     The configuration of the cylinders can be "nose-to-nose" or conventional asymmetric. Nose-nose cylinders can be used to build a catamaran for mountain rivers, where directional stability is not important, and most importantly, good germination on the wave and passability, both front and back. The usual asymmetric form of cylinders is used to build catamarans and trimarans with good directional stability. But the most important thing is that all BOTHAUS cylinders can be considered standard in terms of hydrodynamic indicators - a small angle of attack on water, minimal resistance and excellent germination per wave.
     All cylinders are identical to commercially available models that have different diameters - 32 cm, 38 cm, 42 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm and 65 cm. Thus, 8 types of inflatable balloons in two configurations can be made of any length (from 3 m to 9 m) and with any additional. equipment that will greatly facilitate the task of construction, will create additional amenities and a beautiful appearance.
     Therefore, using BOTHAUS inflatable balloons to build your catamaran or trimaran, you provide your future vessel with excellent technical and operational characteristics, increased safety and reliability. What configuration, what diameter of cylinders and what length is more suitable for you - you will determine this by analyzing the information on our website on a model of a boat with the same diameter of cylinders. If questions arise, our experts will help you make the appropriate calculations.
     Good prices, excellent quality, the correct configuration, and most importantly - excellent hydrodynamic performance - the foundation of any catamaran, will allow you to build a very good boat with excellent speed and driving characteristics.

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."


Inflatable balloon 45 cm, "nose-nose"
Product Code: 45
Brand: Boathouse
Overall dimensions, cm:
Overall dimensions 300-800
Diameter of cylinders, cm:
Diameter of cylinders, cm: 45
Payload, kg:
Payload kg: 270 - 1000
The number of pressure compartments, pcs:
The number of pressure compartments, pcs: 1
The weight
Weight of aluminum frame
PVC fabric density:
PVC fabric density: 750
The weight of the platform assembly, kg .:
Weight 4 - 11


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