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   BOBER 455 is the largest model of high-speed catamarans for fishing. The overall length is 455 cm, the internal length of the cockpit is 260 cm, the width of the flooring is 93 cm, and the width of the catamaran used is 146 cm. Ahead, behind the high frame, there is a large waterproof locker with a volume of 330 liters. Cylinders with a diameter of 50 cm are protected from below and from the side by a fender. This is very important, since the cylinders protrude down, relative to the transom and bottom, by 7 cm. Thanks to this design, the flotation and speed characteristics are simply wonderful. Under 15 hp engine with two people on board, the speed is 37 km/h, and with one - 39 km/h!

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   This catamaran is fully six-seater, although its carrying capacity of 950 kg can accommodate up to 10 people. The draft at maximum load will be only 24 cm. When assembled, the BOBER 455 is stored in two compact carrying cases. The total weight of two packages is 65 kg. The elementary assembly of the catamaran takes about 15 minutes. Cylinders, divided in half by a membrane, are inflated to a working pressure of 0.25 - 0.3 atm., And airdeck flooring - up to 0.7 atm. The thickness of the standard transom of 24 mm allows you to install an engine up to 20 hp, and a reinforced one - 48 mm - up to 30 hp. Moreover, the output on the gliss on a 15 hp motor. takes 2 seconds with one person and 3 seconds with 2. The optimum engine power for this catamaran is 20 hp. He easily brings six people to planing, and the maximum speed will be about 30 km / h. This is an excellent result!

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   It is important to note that even a sharp start on the BOBER 455 is absolutely safe: thanks to the large rearward displacement of the cylinders, the bow of the catamaran does not lift up, and you always see what is ahead of you. And it really starts in sports! The bow part, made in the boat style, serves as a good wind protection and provides excellent germination on the wave and high safety. The height of the front frame is 62 cm! 

   The BOBER 455 high-speed catamaran provides excellent stability, which is very important for fishing and hunting. It is almost impossible to roll over on it. Five pressurized compartments and five-layer German PVC additionally ensure high safety of the catamaran.

A large selection of additional equipment allows you to get the maximum level of comfort. It is worth paying attention to the running awning, chairs on swivel plates and fishing equipment. Warranty for BOBER 455 - 3 years without mileage limitation! Buy an inflatable pvc boat for fishing, hunting manufacturer's website BOATHOUSE.

«Having a BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure».

General Description

   BOBER high-speed catamarans have an ideal planing catamaran design:

  • two large-diameter cylinders protruding downwards, acting as keels, protected from below and from the side by a fender;
  • air deck flooring, located 7 cm above the bottom of the cylinders and rigidly fixed between them;
  • transom and front frame, providing high rigidity of the hull;
  • a boat-style bow with a high front frame providing wind protection and a large waterproof front locker;
  • large rear cylinder offset and five independent pressurized compartments.

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This design ensures complete safety, especially during fast acceleration and cornering, high speed and excellent cross-country ability. You can buy a pvc boat by placing an order for manufacturing and completing it, which is necessary for you. 

     The model range of BOBER high-speed catamarans from the BOATHOUSE manufacturer company consists of 3 models. The width of all models is the same - 186 cm, the diameter of the cylinders - 50 cm, and the overall length - 335 cm, 395 cm and 455 cm. cm and 260 cm respectively. The volume of the front locker is 330l!

Speed ​​inflatable boats

     BOBER catamarans are made only from high-quality German PVC and the best components. Well, the speed qualities speak for themselves: the speed on the motor is 15 hp. with one person - 39 km / h, with 2 people on board - 37 km / h, and with 4 people - 32 km / h!

     We list only the main, priority qualities of BOBER catamarans.

  1. Optimal weight and ease of transport when folded.
  2. Quick and easy assembly.
  3. Very easy to move on any motors and oars.
  4. Instant access to planing and high speed.
  5. Safe handling and excellent stability.
  6. Small draft and increased cross-country ability.
  7. Large locker, good ergonomics and ease of use.
  8. Spacious cockpit and large cargo capacity.
  9. Excellent behavior on the wave.
  10. Reliability and high security.

Speed ​​boats for fishing

   High-speed BOBER catamarans are ideal for fishermen, hunters and lovers of drive, and in any water areas - from mountain rivers to the sea! Buy a pvc boat in Ukraine on the official website of the Boathouse manufacturer.

"Having a BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."


Inflatable boat BOBER 455
Product Code: 395
Brand: Boathouse
Overall dimensions, cm:
Length, cm 395
Packing size, cm: 145х75х50
Width, cm 186
Width of hard flooring, cm: 93
Used boat width, см 146
Luggage compartment size, cm: 103х93х35
Number and length of cockpits,cm 200
Diameter of cylinders, cm:
Diameter of cylinders, cm: 50
Draft at full load, cm:
Draft at full load, cm: 24
Payload, kg:
Payload kg: 750
Passenger capacity, people:
Passenger capacity, people: 4
The number of pressure compartments, pcs:
The number of pressure compartments, pcs: 5
The weight
Weight of boat assembly, kg 55
The weight of the boat without flooring, kg: 46
Weight of flooring, kg: 9
Package weight: (bag with a boat, pump and repair kit), kg 58
PVC fabric density:
PVC fabric density: 900
Max. engine power, hp:
Max. engine power, hp 20
Max. engine power (with reinforced transom), hp:
Max. engine power (with reinforced transom) hp: -
Transom thickness, mm:
Transom thickness, mm: 24
Thickness of the reinforced transom, mm:
Thickness of the reinforced transom, mm: 48
Luggage compartment volume, l:
Luggage compartment volume, l: 330


  1. Hull with inflatable balloons, transom and front frame - 1
  2. Hermetic compartments - 5
  3. Airdeck - 1
  4. Bench -3
  5. Front locker on a snake - 1
  6. Duck handles - 2
  7. Handles for carrying and towing - 2
  8. Transom pad plastic - 1
  9. Fender - 2
  10. Protection of the lower part of the cylinders along the entire length - 2
  11. safety rail along the entire length of the hull - 2
  12. Oars and paddle holders - 2
  13. BOATHOUSE stickers - 3
  14. Catamaran bag - 1
  15. Floor bag - 1
  16. Foot pump 6l - 1
  17. Repair kit - 1
  18. Document package - 1


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