Inflatable catamaran with side platform for navigation alloy SEA FISHER 610

  • 25.03.2020
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Inflatable pvc motor catamaran

   How safe and fun to relax this year? In Ukraine, we have a huge number of rivers, reservoirs, lakes and the sea - what else is needed for an exciting, eventful outdoor activity? Rafting on a catamaran or kayak will always give you a sea of ​​positive impressions, even look at the familiar shore from the water and see it as a completely unfamiliar place).

Inflatable catamaran

   BOATHOUSE inflatable catamaran rafting guarantees a comfortable stay and complete safety for you and your passengers. Structurally, inflatable catamarans for the alloy https: // -... The boathouse is built in such a way that it is impossible to turn over, that is, you can dive and swim directly from the side of the catamaran without approaching the shore and look for more or less clean place - anchored and go!
  The lower part of the balloon of the inflatable catamaran is reliably protected by a fender bar, which makes it possible to go even to hard-to-reach places, where not everyone can get, respectively, but you can! Also, the cylinders are divided into separate pressurized compartments, so if you still have shot one pressurized compartment, you can safely get to the shore and repair the holes - the repair kit is always included in the basic package of the catamaran.
   And you can write a lot about the additional equipment for our catamarans, designed to provide you with maximum comfort, so we’ll better talk about this in a separate video.
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