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SUP KAT Fisher Inflatable Fishing Board
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Inflatable fishing boats

Inflatable fishing boats

Inflatable fishing boats BOBRENOK

     When creating the Bobrenka design, six main indicators were identified, which were called fishermen, as the most important for a fishing boat.

1) Light weight.   Weight "Bobryat" with a hard deck and transom - from 19 kg (Bobrenok 260) to 28 kg (Bobrenok 390).

2) Compactness when folded.   Any Bobrenok is placed in a bag 100 cm by 50 cm, and the thickness is from 30 cm to 40 cm.

3) Quick and easy assembly.   Assembly of any of the five models is very simple and takes from 3 to 6 minutes, and a hard non-slip flooring book is simply placed on the bottom of the boat, and when pumped - automatically clamped with cylinders.

4) The fluid and good handling.   Thanks to the protruding cylinders, which act as keels, a sharp angle of attack on the water front and stabilizers of the road-holding stability in the rear - the Bobrenok has a fairly easy stroke, good speed, excellent energy and exchange rate stability.

5) Reliability and safety.   Safety and reliability of these light boats is ensured by using only high-quality materials, German quality PVC fabric, additional protection of the lower part of the cylinders and the lack of side rolls. Turn over on Bobrenka - you still have to try very hard.

6) Pleasant price.   The price of inflatable boats for fishing Bobrenok is very democratic and comparable to the most common inflatable boats.

Inflatable fishing boats

     Still it is necessary to note comfortableness of these light boats, as well as any model BOATHOUSE: a choice of comfortable armchairs, awnings and equipment for fishing. Non-slip level hard flooring, and for things - waterproof locker for 90 liters in the bow of the boat!

"Having BOTHAUS - you live with pleasure".