Mini catamaran SUP KAT - alternative to SUP

  • 09.09.2019
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   SUP KAT mini catamarans expand the capabilities of the classic SUP. The mini-catamaran SAP is created on hydrodynamic inflatable balloons, 32 cm in diameter, connected by a transom and a frame made of marine plywood and has a very rigid structure. The smooth hard floor of the SUP mini catamaran is also made of marine plywood, so you can row both standing and sitting, installing a fishing chair or an inflatable seat using a canoe paddle.
   In the bow and stern of the mini catamaran there are lockers for things or fishing tackle. The load capacity of the catamaran SUP is 210 kg, which will give you the opportunity to take everything you need for rafting or traveling on the river or reservoir for one or several days.
   And finally, the mass of a mini catamaran with paella, a pump and a bag of 16 kg, and the size of the bag is 90 by 35 cm - that is, you can get to the place you need without a car. The assembly time for the SUP catamaran is 15 minutes.
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