надувные катамараны для рыбалки

Inflatable catamarans FISHER

Inflatable sailing catamaran    FISHER inflatable catamarans until the last restyling were called TRAVEL. After the inflatable sailing catamaran of numerous requests from customers, the front locker was made more capacious (300 l) and waterproof. As a result, the design turned out to be identical to SMART-FISHER and SEA FISHER, except for the diameter of the cylinders and overall dimensions. Moreover, these catamarans were liked not only by tourists, but also by fishermen and hunters.

     FISHER inflatable catamarans fully live up to their name. They are great for fishing and hunting in hard to reach places, and large models - for rafting and travel. Thanks to a large selection of models, these water-based SUVs combine the best qualities of fishing boats and catamarans for traveling. They are based on a special catamaran structure, all the advantages and disadvantages of which are discussed in detail in the section "On catamarans" and on the main page of our site. What qualities should a modern boat for fishing and hunting have to be comfortable for rafting and traveling?

1. Quick assembly.

     All FISHER models assemble very easily and quickly. While the cylinders are pumped by an electric pump, a hard flooring is simply inserted between them under the clamps. And when the catamaran is pumped up to the desired pressure, the flooring is already rigidly fixed between the cylinders, transom and frame. All catamaran assembled. So, Fisher 390 is assembled in 5 - 10 minutes, and the largest model - Fisher 790 - is assembled in 20 minutes.

2. Convenient sizes, good ratio of weight and internal space.

     FISHER catamarans have a cylinder diameter of 45 cm and a width of 176 cm. The width used inside (to the safety rail) is 145 cm! Two adults are free to sit next to each other. And for fishing, you can even put your own shore chairs by placing an echo sounder and rod holders on board. Absolutely flat hard flooring with anti-slip coating on the smallest model (Fisher 390) is 197 cm long, and on the largest (Fisher 790) - almost 6 m! The ratio of the weight of the catamarans and the interior space is excellent: the Fisher 390 weighs only 49 kg, and the Fisher 790 - with a 6-meter deck and 10 square meters of usable area - 109 kg.

3. Ease of use.

Inflatable motor catamaran

The design feature of FISHER is that the bottom does not touch water even at full load. This provides excellent cross-country ability and easy travel. Thus, while in the catamaran, you are sitting not in the water, but over the water. It is very convenient for fishing, and for hunting, and for rafting and travel. All FISHER models have an absolutely flat hard floor in an aluminum profile that you can walk confidently on. In front of the catamaran is a closed waterproof locker on a snake with a volume of 300 liters. It can be used for items and equipment. And if it is equipped with tapping valves, then for fish. The diameter of the cylinders of 45 cm can be considered universal: due to the small draft it is possible to walk along the smallest rivers and overgrown shallow waters and, at the same time, fearlessly go to large expanses of water.

4. Safety and reliability.

FISHER inflatable catamarans are made only from German five-layer PVC fabric, marine plywood and aluminum. Catamarans already have four pressurized compartments, cylinder protection from the bottom and side along the entire length, and tapping valves. The whole structure is designed for long and trouble-free operation in any conditions. The design of FISHER catamarans is unsinkable: even if at full load the boat is completely filled with water, it will not sink (there is a buoyancy margin). And through the drain valves in the bottom, all the water will go away in just a few minutes.

FISHER cannot be turned over under normal operating conditions. Even if you put the whole team on one side, the catamaran will not roll over. Thanks to the correct weight distribution, even with a sharp acceleration, the nose of the catamaran never rises above eye level - you always see where to direct the boat.

5. Ease of movement on the oars and efficient use of engine power.

FISHER catamarans have minimal water resistance. Therefore, it is very easy to move on oars or on an electric motor even against the middle course of the river. You can install an engine with a power of up to 6 hp on a standard transom, and up to 15 hp on a reinforced one. A motor with a power of 5-6 hp quite enough for quick and economical movement. The BOATHOUSE catamaran structure has another feature: the speed of the catamaran does not depend on its length. Therefore, the smallest model and the largest will go at the same speed under the same power plant. And one more plus: FISHER catamarans use the entire speed range (from trolling to maximum), without any transitional modes of movement. Therefore, the influence of each additional passenger is very insignificant - the speed decreases by only 1 - 2 km / h.

6. Good cross and economy.

FISHER catamarans are water off-road vehicles, and very economical. For 1 liter of fuel you can go up to 30 km! They can go where ordinary keelboats or flat-bottomed boats do not pass. These are rapids and rivers, and overgrown with vegetation places of water bodies, and large expanses of water. Thanks to their driving characteristics and design features, FISHER catamarans will never let you down even in the most difficult situations.

7. Comfort and a large selection of additional equipment.

Catamaran PVC Fishing

FISHER has personal comfortable chairs, tables, sun and rain awnings, fishing and recreation equipment, sailing equipment, side platforms with tents! If you decide to spend a week on fishing or even a whole vacation, just add one or several side platforms with tents to your catamaran (depending on the number of people on board). And then you can fish, travel and live on the water as you like with incredible comfort. In a few minutes, a high-quality two-layer tent is set up directly on the catamaran or on the side platform. Sleeping on the water is very comfortable - warm, soft and comfortable. In this case, you are in complete safety. With the FISHER catamaran, you gain complete independence from the on-shore parking spots. And choose your own routes!

    "Having BOATHOUSE (BOTHOUSE) - you live with pleasure."