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Inflatable kayak STREAM

Купить надувные байдарки STREAM inflatable kayaks can also be called skeleton-inflatable in their design. After a detailed analysis of all existing frame, frame-inflatable and inflatable kayaks, their significant shortcomings were identified. In frame kayaks - very low safety, complicated and long assembly, low level of comfort and low load capacity. And in inflatable kayaks - low driving performance, low speed, poor handling and lack of space for luggage. With the help of talented designers, masters of sports and professional tourists, a new innovative platform was developed that uses only modern high-quality materials: German pvc fabrics, marine laminated plywood and high-quality fittings. The catamaran design, which formed the basis of STREAM kayaks, made it possible to eliminate the above disadvantages and bring kayaks to a completely different level of safety and comfort.

     One-piece small-diameter cylinders have excellent hydrodynamics, have bottom protection and are equipped with exchange rate stabilizers. The bottom does not touch the water even when the kayak is fully loaded. This design has a very easy ride, good directional stability and the highest level of security - STREAMs do not sink and do not turn over. You can even stand at full height or go swimming directly from the kayak! And all the water that gets inside will be poured by the ebb valves.

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Glued transverse frames and a rigid lightweight bottom made of marine plywood make the structure very reliable with optimal body rigidity. If it is necessary to increase rigidity to the level of a kayak (to pass serious thresholds), aluminum pipes are optionally installed, and STREAM goes from the category of inflatable kayaks to skeleton-inflatable ones. The design of all models, from the smallest - Stream 300, to the largest - Stream 681, is exactly the same, except for the length of the case.

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     For luggage, there are front and rear waterproof lockers, and spacious side luggage compartments on both sides along the entire length. Thus, all things are in specially designated places. The total volume of luggage compartments and carrying capacity, on average, are designed for a two-week trip offline. Assembling and disassembling is quick and easy, just like a regular inflatable kayak.

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The comfort of STREAM kayaking has become legendary. They say that STREAM is a Land Cruiser among kayaks. Very comfortable soft inflatable chairs with backs and stops for legs; smooth, free personal cockpits in which you can even lie; protective aprons and paddle holders for oars; any equipment for fishing; sailing equipment, a table and even an awning that does not interfere with rowing! Just a huge selection of additional equipment allows you to prepare your STREAM according to your desire for any task. The increased cross-country ability also contributes to this: low sediment and a catamaran structure allow alloys along rapids, along places overgrown with aquatic vegetation, and even access to the sea.
       And no official registration, no motors and operating costs, no prohibitions on the water area and time of use - only active recreation, a healthy lifestyle and a lot of pleasure.

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