Mobile Beach Mobile beach inflatable raft

pvc raft

     The mobile beach, also known as an inflatable raft, is a large flat area installed on two small-diameter inflatable balloons. Thus, inflatable rafts can glide through the water with minimal resistance and at any speed. With its own light weight, the buoyancy of Mobile Beach inflatable PVC rafts is huge - from 800 to 1600 kg! An inflatable pvc raft was made from German five-layer boat pvc. The elementary assembly of the Mobile Beach inflatable raft takes only a few minutes - it is necessary to inflate three pressurized compartments.

Inflatable PVC rafts

Mobile Beach (inflatable raft) has five! main uses.

  1. Literally in seconds, with special side mounts, a mobile beach can be attached to the side of any boat or catamaran. This arrangement allows you to move without problems at any speed. It is very comfortable to relax, sunbathe and swim. There is even a swimming ladder! You can anchor anywhere in the pond and enjoy your vacation.
  2. For lovers of hiking, first of all - a cargo platform. A safety rail runs along the entire perimeter, for which you can fasten a whole bunch of things. And there's still room for a picnic!
  3. On the floating beach in a few minutes you can set up a 3-seater tent. Get it! It is very pleasant and comfortable to spend the night on the water. But for those who still prefer spending the night on the shore, it is easily transferred to land, and you are provided with an absolutely flat platform!
  4. Can it be used as an attraction by tying it to the transom by the towing ring? Of course! This is not extreme, but it’s very good to ride girls or children. Pleasure guaranteed!
  5. It can even move independently with the help of oars, on an electric motor or on a low-power gasoline engine. It's really cool - your own mobile beach! And if you put chairs on it, then you can go fishing!

     "Having a mobile beach - you live with pleasure!"