Mini catamarans SUP KAT

Paddleboard, padboarding - what is it?


The abbreviation SUP stands for stand up paddle board - get on the board!) (SUP board). Sap board is mainly used for skiing, rafting on calm water, both standing and sitting.

Mini catamarans

     The idea of ​​creating a mini-catamaran arose as a result of a detailed study of the designs of SUP-boards and kayaks of different manufacturers. An active lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular throughout the civilized world. But the prices for SUP boards and plastic kayaks are quite high. In addition, these watercraft have significant disadvantages. SUP-board can be used only in the warm season, it involves rowing only SUP-paddle, is sensitive to load capacity and is very easy to turn over. Kayaks also roll over, are also sensitive to carrying capacity, and they do not add up.


When creating the mini-catamaran, these and other shortcomings were taken into account, and as a result, autumn turned out to be a beautiful small catamaran with a lifting capacity of 200 kg, which was called SUP KAT. It can be easily assembled in 5 minutes, has a light weight, is compact when folded, does not turn over, is perfectly controlled both on a SUP-paddle and on a regular paddle for a kayak or kayak. In addition, the SUP-KAT has excellent cross-country ability, good directional stability and a very easy ride. You can install fishing equipment and even an electric motor on it!

SUP inflatable boards

     Two models of mini-catamarans are structurally identical, except for the location and shape of the hard flooring. On the SUP KAT F model, a hard flooring with a size of 125 cm x 63 cm is located on the cylinders, and on the SUP KAT S model a light hard flooring with a size of 125 cm x 42 cm is located between the cylinders. Therefore, SUP KAT F is closer to SUP-boards, and SUP KAT S is closer to kayaks.

     Thus, SUP KAT turned out to be so successful and versatile that it is necessary every time you go on vacation or fishing. Practice shows that the mini-catamaran leaves no one indifferent - children and mothers argue who will ride first! But fishing is sacred! By the way, for the cost of one kayak, you can buy two, or even three SAP-CAT. Maybe this is the way out?))

      "Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."