надувные катамараны для рыбалки

SUNDECK catamarans

   SUNDECK catamarans are rafts with good driving performance and an absolutely even rigid deck. One-piece German PVC hydrodynamic cylinders are the reliable foundation for SUNDECK catamarans. They are divided into several pressurized compartments and are protected from below and from the side by a right beam along the entire length. Due to the special shape of the cylinders, the resistance to movement is minimal. Depending on the model, the cylinders can be 55 cm or 65 cm in diameter.
     Longitudinal aluminum pipes with a diameter of 40 mm are inserted into the PVC fasteners and, when inflating the cylinders, they themselves are clamped securely along the cylinders on both sides. Transverse aluminum pipes of the same diameter are connected to the longitudinal pipes by bolts, on which a hard floor is fastened. Rigid flooring made of marine plywood, 12 mm thick and 2.5 m wide, has a non-slip coating and is interconnected by an aluminum profile.
     Thus, it turns out absolutely rigid and reliable design, which is designed to "live" on the water as needed. If necessary, SUNDECK catamarans are dismantled within an hour and transported. You can also transport them on a trailer - a width of 2.5 m allows you to move on any road. The temperature regime is from - 50 to + 70, and the service life is unlimited.
     At the rear of the SUNDECK catamarans are equipped with a transom for motors up to 20 hp. This power is enough to quickly move even the largest SUNDECK model. And for a quiet and economical movement, 5-6 hp is quite enough. The transom is installed during assembly in the upper or lower position for an engine with a long or short leg. In front of the catamaran there is a folding gangway for going ashore and an open box.
     SUNDECK catamarans can be equipped with an awning, mosquito nets, a tent, chairs, sofas, tables, fishing equipment, a bathing ladder, a shower, a steering console and much, much more. Options are limited only by your imagination and the amount of money. On an area of ​​up to 16 sq.m, you can build a real HOUSEBOAT with a kitchen, sleeping places, sofas, a shower and a latrine, which will be ten times cheaper than non-demountable analogues! And live on the water in comfort at least all summer!

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."

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