PVC bucket 20 l

PVC bucket 20 l

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 A bucket of PVC fabric of 20 liters is convenient for hiking and tourism. PVC bucket does not bend, does not rust, it is impossible to tear the fabric, it is made in Germany, with a density of 750, from which catamarans, boats and canoes are manufactured by BOATHOUSE.

 The bucket at the bottom has a drain valve, so thanks to it you can get water, hang it or put a bucket in the sun, and take a shower with warm water in the evening. You can also use for kneading bait fishing. The bucket is easy to clean and dries quickly. Very convenient, useful thing in a hike, navigation, rafting. Buy a pail of PVC in the online store.

General Description

Curbstones, tables, PVC buckets, bag bags - equipment for catamarans, boats, trips, rafting on inflatable and frame inflatable kayaks, sailing and motor catamarans of PVC.


PVC bucket 20 l
Product Code: Ведро ПВХ 20 л
Brand: Boathouse
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