NEW! Single fishing boat Bobrenok BOATHOUSE

  • 22.06.2017
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NEW! Bobrenok single boat from BOATHOUSE company is a prototype of a comfortable, light, small boat for fishing, import of bait for carp fishing. The size in the folded state is only 1m * 30cm. Like all older brothers, Bobrenok has a catamaran structure (catamaran-type boat) and has all their advantages.
NEW! Single fishing boat Bobrenok BOATHOUSE

Inflatable fishing boat

The Bobrenok fishing boat will be shipped in a carrying bag that fits easily into the trunk of any car. A solid, flat bottom will provide comfort and convenience both for casting the spinning standing (without worrying that the boat will overturn or overturn), and for fishing sitting with a float rod. An attachment for fishing rods can be fixed on the transom of the boat, at the desired distance from each other. Bait, bait, necessary equipment you place on a completely flat bottom, there is plenty of room for this in the boat.

Fishing boat price

The formation of the value of this model will depend on the desired configuration. The choice of additional equipment is wide and varied, and can be installed depending on the type of preferred fishing, the wishes of increased comfort. To get advice on technical issues and purchase an inflatable boat for fishing Bobrenok from Bothaus you can contact us by contact numbers:
NEW! Single fishing boat Bobrenok BOATHOUSE
NEW! Single fishing boat Bobrenok BOATHOUSE
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