Soft folding chair (big)

Soft folding chair (big)

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      This is a very comfortable chair not only for controlling the boat on the motor, but also for fishing. The high back of the chair gives a good lumbar support and has the optimum height. In addition, it folds on the seat and is fastened with a handle, for which it is convenient to carry. A foldable chair can be attached to a conventional rack or rack with a rotating mechanism, which in turn is fixed to the hard floor by four bolts on the winged sheep. But it's also more convenient to fasten the base for fast installation on the deck, and then the chair with the stand is put on the boat in 3 seconds.

 Swivel chair in the boat

     Chair of Korean production, covered with waterproof leatherette, democratic in price and optimal in terms of convenience. But it is possible to note several conditional drawbacks, in comparison with inflatable seats produced by BOTHAUS:

- when folded, it takes up space - 40cm by 40cm by 40cm and weighs significantly more than inflatable - 4.5kg (assembled);

- it will not be used on the shore;

- it does not provide as many possibilities as an inflatable chair.

     But a soft folding chair has a number of undeniable advantages.

     First, we can say that it does not take place in the boat. That is, under it - free space for things.      

     Secondly, to fish, to manage a boat on it, it is really very convenient and comfortable, thanks to a comfortable landing and a high backrest and the ability to quickly turn in any direction. And this is on fishing and hunting - the most important thing.

     Thirdly, if the boat is equipped with such seats, then for comfort and sensation, as if you are on a boat, and nothing prevents you from enjoying fishing and traveling. Even prolonged sitting does not cause discomfort.

      Fourth, the chair is quite reliable and withstands high loads.

     "Having BOTHAUS - you live with pleasure".

General Description

The company BOATHOUSE produces inflatable chairs for boats, there are three types: a single seat without a backrest, a tourist seat with a backrest and a captain's chair with a backrest. Both armchairs are transformers, i.e. folded and folded in different positions, and the backrest is fixed at different angles of inclination. Made chairs from boat PVC fabric, density 750, and with boat valves for each element. Therefore, the safety and reliability factor is very large, and the service life is the same as for a boat.

In terms of their internal design, they are small mattresses with a spar structure, like inflatable decks. Sit and lie on them softly and comfortably not only in the boat, but also on the shore. Having in the boat at least one inflatable chair, there is no need for rescue equipment - it can fully perform the rescue function and keep a person on the surface of the water.

Inflatable boat seats


Inflatable chairs for boats

BOTHAUS can be used:

​     - for sitting not only in a boat, but also on the shore;

     - reclining - for rest, thus, the high back of an armchair fulfills a role of a headrest;

     - in the unfolded state - like a mattress in a boat or on the shore;

     - when the back is folded - like an ottoman or table;

     - as a dam or a rescue device.

Well, children significantly expand their area of ​​application: in summer - for bathing, and in winter - for skiing with slides. Buy inflatable chairs for boats in Kharkov, order in Kiev, Rivne, Kherson, Ivano-Frankivsk, Vinnytsia, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Zaporozhye, St. Petersburg, Moscow you can on the official website of the manufacturer of inflatable boats and seats for them, having issued order on-line (through the basket), or call us on the contact numbers.



Soft folding chair (big)
Product Code: Кресло складное мягкое высокое
Chair weight
Вес кресла, кг 3,5
Overall dimensions, cm:
Overall dimensions 40*40*20 (см)
Height 38 (см)
The weight
Weight of aluminum frame



Folding chair with folding backrest - 1.

Bolts - 4.


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