Special offers and boat sales

For all questions with the acquisition and selection of models

or picking please contact our manager

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   1. Annually, from October 1 to March 1, with the purchase of any Boathouse model - a 5% discount!

   2. When ordering any Boathouse model with additional equipment - an electric pump as a gift!

   3. When ordering in excess of $ 2000 - as a gift branded bucket-wash basin for 20l!

   4. All owners of any Boathouse model - have a personal 10% discount on all further purchases!

   5. If you do not have enough money for a new catamaran, you can leave a request for the model you are interested in, an we will offer you used or promotional options.


(for the owner of any Boathouse model)
   1. If you provide video materials of normal quality about your trip, rafting, fishing -
we return 3% of the total cost to you!
   2. If you write a true review and photos of normal quality - we will return 1% of the total
   3. If at your recommendation, “your” customer buys from us Any Boathouse model - we pay you
5% of the order amount of "your" customer!
What does this look like in practice in numbers? Consider a common example.
Suppose you purchased a Travel 630 catamaran from us, with six seats on swivel legs, a table,
tent and several holders of rods. The total purchase price was $ 2540. The order you made in
winter, therefore, received a 5% discount - $ 127, and as a gift an electric pump and a branded bucket
20L washbasin - another $ 27. Travel and fishing were successful, you liked everything, and you stayed
satisfied. You wrote a review and sent us photos and videos, and received back 4% of the total amount - $ 96.
Friends and acquaintances also liked your catamaran, and during the summer holidays, many saw you and
were asked. Thus, in just one summer, 2 clients who ordered catamarans “came” from you,
similar to yours. You told us their names and received 5% of the amount of their orders - $ 254.
Thus, Travel 630 in this configuration, with a real value of $ 2567, cost you: $ 2567 -27 $ -127 $ -
$ 96 -254 $ = $ 2062 You really saved $ 505! And from each subsequent “your” client you will have
5% of the amount of his order!
So it works in practice. If something is not clear, call or write to the mail, we will be happy to help you.


1. Fisher 530 (+ folding armchair, + swivel support)

1437$+68$+28$=1533$-15%=1303$катамаран для рыбалки


2. Sup Kat S

катамаран для рыбалки


3. Sup Kat F

надувной мини катамаран


4. Smart Fisher 571 (+ 2 pairs of additional oars, + 2 pairs of oarlocks and additional paddle holders)

fishing catamaran


"Having a Boathouse - you live with pleasure!"