SUP - новинка от Boathouse

  • 24.07.2017
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SUP is an inflatable surfboard. The company Boathouse has developed for you a new - a board for SUP-surfing. This is a very popular type of recreation in the water. SAP from Bothouse is a design of inflatable cylinders connected by a rigid flooring, on which it is possible to stand - as in classic SUP-surfing, and sit for rest or acquire the necessary skill. Riding a SUP-board certainly requires certain skills that you can get in independence from your age and sex! It's fun for everyone
SUP - new from Boathouse

SUP - surfing

The principle is based on normal surfing, just do not have to wait for the wave, you have a long paddle of a special design, for alternate rowing on the right and left sides. After already confident development of SUP, you can control its course without shifting the paddle from side to side, but balancing with the weight of your body.

SUP - Inflatable Surfboard

SUP from the Bothouse is equipped with two luggage compartments - in front and behind, where you can put things together, pack the sap and start off on a small trip along the river. The alloy on the SUP-boards is also very exciting. It's slightly unusual to travel standing, but it's great and unusual for both the body and the brain, not to mention the feelings that you will experience learning to become on the board))). We will tell you a little more about SUP in our further publications.
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