Tent with two entrances and a large vestibule (3 + 1)

Tent with two entrances and a large vestibule (3 + 1)

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Poles, pegs: High strength fiberglass poles, hollow (two diameters: 6.9 and 7.9 mm). Galvanized steel pegs with a diameter of 5 mm for very good twisting resistance.
Ventilation: 2 top vents, 2 interior doors with mesh inserts on top, space between the outer tent and the floor around the perimeter of the tent allows air to circulate between the room and the awning to provide fresh air and reduce condensation.
Waterproof: All Quechua tents have been tested in the laboratory: test of the unfolded tent with a water flow of 200 liters / hour / m2? (200 mm / h) for 4 hours, as well as in real operating conditions. Outer tarpaulin in polyester, polyurethane-impregnated 2000 mm. Polyethylene floor 120 g / m2. The seams are sealed with hot melt adhesive tapes. The breathable polyester inner room under the outer awning prevents moisture from condensing on the inner surface of the awning. SUN PROTECTION Ti0? protects against UV radiation (UPF 50 +). Caution: Large amounts of UV rays can enter through an open door. It is recommended to use a cream that protects the skin from UV rays. STORAGE 1 pocket for storing your belongings in the room.
Size and weight: Folded size. Inner tent: 120cm (width) * 200cm (length). Useful maximum height: 105 cm. Cylindrical cover: diameter 23 cm / length 65 cm. Weight: 2.6 kg.
Entry / exit: 2 vertical zippers for external doors. Two D-shaped zippers at the entrance to the inner tent. Entrance doors can be left open by tucking them up and securing them to the arc.
Wind resistance: We test our tents in a wind tunnel on a rotating platform to test the wind resistance of each side of the tent. A well-pitched tent with all guy lines attached is wind-resistant up to 40 km / h (force 5; speed measured at the ground).
Assembly / disassembly: Classic dome tent setup: installation of arcs with room, fixation of the awning. For dismantling: described steps in reverse order. 2 pockets for storing your belongings in the inner tent.

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Tent with two entrances and a large vestibule (2 + 1), 3 seasons - buy online, low price, delivery.


Tent with two entrances and a large vestibule (3 + 1)
Product Code: Палатка двойная двухместная с двумя входами
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