Tourist kayak

  • 26.01.2022
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Inflatable tourist kayak

   Transom kayaks Sport are versatile and able to satisfy almost any request of a consumer who loves active pastime in the water - rafting, hiking, traveling, fishing and hunting. Having a catamaran structure, the bottoms of our kayaks do not touch the surface of the water, which greatly expands the range and possibilities of their use. Two inflatable hydrodynamic cylinders serve as keels and are equipped with additional protection in the form of a fender - this reduces the likelihood of damage to the cylinder when it hits snags, stones, and shallow water.
Inflatable tourist kayak
Safe kayak
   All cylinders structurally consist of two separate pressurized compartments, so that if one or even two compartments are punctured, the kayak will remain afloat. From the side, you can dive and climb back into the cockpit without worrying that the ship will list or capsize. The five of us sat on one balloon and hung our legs into the water - and nothing, it didn’t turn over !!! Having bought a tourist inflatable kayak SPORT from the BOATHOUSE company, you will provide yourself and your family and friends with a COMFORTABLE and SAFE rest and entertainment!
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