Transportation of a 7 meter kayak on a small carriage

  • 10.06.2020
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   The BOTHOUS company has developed a special design of kayaks that can be transported without disassembling completely. In the middle of the transom kayak, additional pressurized compartments are made, which make the kayak by the way even safer, which can be folded in half by blowing away. Thus, even the longest five-seat kayak with a transom under the motor can fit on the smallest trailer.
   At the same time, transportation is completely safe and easy. It’s also worth considering that after rafting on a motor kayak with a transom, you don’t need to get it out of the water, wash, dry, fold it, just drive up to the shore, and you don’t need to get very close to the water, remove the tie straps, put out the transom kayak and pump it up pressurized compartments - ALL of you are ready to travel.
carriage of a long kayak on a carriage
   In the following videos, see: an overview of a transom kayak on an electric motor, a kayak under an engine of 2.5 and 6 hp, and of course on oars. All videos were filmed with the participation of a transom kayak under the STREAM 685 motor, respectively 685 cm long. Watch this interesting video cycle - a lot of new, useful information that will surprise the most demanding and advanced kayakers.
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