Trimaran inflatable

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   Trimaran - a vessel consisting of three inflatable balloons of the same length and diameter. The inflatable trimaran SP395 is built on the basis of hydrodynamic cylinders, with a diameter of 38 cm and a length of 395 cm. Due to the design, the inflatable pvc trimaran cylinders have a minimum angle of attack on the water, which reduces water resistance to a minimum.

Boat Trimaran

   The pvc trimaran boat has excellent driving characteristics and speed characteristics inherent in all inflatable catamarans, transom kayaks and BOATHOUSE pvc boats. Cylinders of the catamaran pvc boat are equipped with two pressurized compartments - this guarantees a high level of safety in case of an emergency collision or a hole. This model of inflatable trimaran is built on the basis of an inflatable kayak with a transom, with a hard flat bottom with a non-slip coating made of marine plywood.

Trimaran inflatable

   Structurally, one part of the pvc trimaran boat consists of two cockpits, each of which is 125 cm long and 42 cm wide, in which the captain is located. In this part of the inflatable trimaran, an engine is installed on the transom, the second part can be used at the discretion of the client as a place for rest, sunbathing, swimming. You can set up a tent in this part for the night. In a word, you can use an inflatable pvc triman boat with the most vague purpose, the main thing is that our trimaran inflatable boats will provide your vacation with safety and comfort, as well as make it very economical.

Trimaran inflatable boat

   The complete set of the catamaran boat will be made at your discretion. You can order or buy a triman boat on the official website of the manufacturer BOATHOUSE by contacting our managers or leaving the order in the basket.

General Description



Trimaran inflatable
Product Code: Trimaran sp395
Brand: Boathouse
Overall dimensions, cm:
Length, cm 395
Luggage compartment size, cm: 70х80
Number and length of cockpits,cm 2х125
Diameter of cylinders, cm: 38
Draft at full load, cm:
Draft at full load, cm: 20
The number of pressure compartments, pcs:
The number of pressure compartments, pcs: 6
PVC fabric density:
PVC fabric density: 750
Max. engine power, hp:
Max. engine power, hp 15
Transom thickness, mm:
Transom thickness, mm: 24
Luggage compartment volume, l:
Luggage compartment volume, l: 100


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