Unproven inflatable kayak for fishermen!

  • 11.01.2024
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Two models of frame-inflatable kayaks are best suited for fishing. These are the Stream 300 and Stream 360. Everyone who owns these kayaks considers them the best for fishing. By the way, the oldest specimens are already 16 years old! And people don't want to change them. And they fish constantly, almost until winter itself! Here are the facts they prove, based on many years of operation.
First, these kayaks do not capsize. And it's true. We filmed a video where we tried to turn the Stream over on the water. Of course, in the summer! The bottom line is this: if you lean too far overboard, you can fall out, but the kayak won't capsize. You yourself understand how important this is for fishermen who go to the very ice for a predator. This achievement is due to the catamaran type of kayak.
Secondly, these kayaks are always dry and warm. This is also very important. This is achieved because the bottom does not touch the surface of the water, and in it are made outflow valves. Therefore, all the water that gets inside from fish or rain - is taken out.
Thirdly, Streams have a very easy course and you can go several kilometers against the current. In addition, they go great on water lilies and other marsh grass, where standard rowing boats will never break through! Therefore, these kayaks get into the best cities for fishing. This is also due to the catamaran structure. And it is also important to emphasize that a kayak paddle in hard-to-reach cities is more effective than swinging paddles on a rowing boat. In addition, everyone knows that dam is very good for health and keeps physical form in good condition.
Fourth, the Stream 300 and Stream 360 have not only separate front and rear trunks, but also capacious side cargo pockets. Thus, all things, fishing rods and loot are in separate cities, and not underfoot. It is very convenient.
And fifthly, very easy and quick assembly and light weight. On average, assembly takes 5-10 minutes, and the kayak weighs about 15 kg. There is another nice bonus: the length of the kayaks allows you to even lie down and relax on the water. It is very nice, especially in summer!
But we, as design developers and manufacturers, went further. Two restylings were made during the 16 years of production. All wishes of our customers were taken into account. They even made, as an option, a transom for an electric motor and an awning from rain and sun! Now, until our joint victory, there is a promotion, according to which any Stream models can be ordered at a very attractive price.
By the way, larger models such as Stream 425, 485 and 550 are ideal for water trips and walks. We also produce even larger models such as the 610, 675 and 680, but these are suitable for large families and require steering. Which is not very convenient in which conditions. Therefore, multi-family families prefer two smaller Streams.
Now, when there is a war in the country and the ban on boating continues, small and light kayaks are what everyone needs, both for fishing and for recreation!
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