We have resumed work!

  • 30.11.2023
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Dear our clients! We apologize for the long break - the war is to blame. I want to thank our Armed Forces for the fact that we have the opportunity to gradually resume our activities. Glory to heroes! Bothouse production was located in Kharkiv and remains so. We would like to tell you about what we did not have time to offer you before the war.
      Our latest developments, which we did not have time to fully convey, are the Mobile beach, the Mini kat and the high-speed light catamaran Bober. We will start the report with the last one. Before the war, we had time to publish the medium Bober model - Bober 395 on the pages of our website. All the information, photos and videos are there, so we will not stop there. But Bober 335 and Bober 455 were not presented. So let's start with a small one - Bober 335.
        Bober 335 is such a "Porsche roadster" among inflatable boats. It is very safe, fast and comfortable. Although the large outriggers of the cylinders add overall length, they are of great importance. The start to gliding is instantaneous, while the catamaran does not make a "candle", but reaches top speed smoothly and very quickly. On a 6 hp motor. it is 30 km/h, and the engine is 15 hp. - 42 km/h! This is very fast for a light boat. Even under your feet you have an inflatable air deck. Therefore, assembly of the catamaran is very easy and fast.
The main technical characteristics of Bober 335: length - 335 cm, width - 186 cm, diameter of cylinders - 50 cm, weight - 44 kg. Ahead, behind a high frame, there is a huge dry trunk with a volume of 330 liters. Soft chairs can be installed on the wide bench, just like on a real boat. The width of the catamaran allows you to sit next to each other without touching each other's shoulders. From additional equipment, you can install a running awning, fishing equipment, additional bulwarks, if you will use it on large reservoirs or at sea. It must be emphasized that the Bober does not turn over, even if everyone sits on the same board. Security is added as many as 5! pressure seals
      The following conclusions can be drawn. Bober 335 is the safest and fastest boat among light boats. By the way, it has one minus - the price. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make high-quality and cheap. But it has many more advantages!
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