What you need to know about an inflatable catamaran

  • 08.02.2024
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Looking at the large number of different catamarans, many people do not understand how to choose the model they need. Where to start. We will talk about some of the main principles of Boathouse catamarans, which will help you find out and make the right choice.
      As for the length of the catamarans. Everything is not like the boats. The longer the catamaran, the better and faster it moves under the engine. This is actually true. And one more important point: for good running characteristics, the catamaran must have large forward and backward cylinders with a very slow increase in diameter. The front containers of the cylinders on our catamarans are occupied by a convenient, moisture-resistant trunk of large volume. It is very convenient - everything is in its place. With the exception of Minikat and Sandeck, they have open chests. About 15-25 cm of the sharpest front part of the cylinders remains untouched. But the rear extensions of the cylinders occupy from 70 to 100 cm, depending on the model. Thus, when we look at the length of a model such as the Sea Fisher 390, we must realize that the useful length will be: 390cm - 20cm (front virgin outriggers) - 80cm (back outriggers) = 290cm. It is approximately like an inflatable boat, 340-350 cm long. Therefore, if you are used to comparing catamarans and boats, you need to set aside half a meter of the length of the catamaran. And there will be much more internal space in the catamaran, because it is inside with right angles and with an even deck.
      But speed is a very interesting thing. Our measurements showed the following. Sea Fisher 390 with a 6 hp engine. with two people it goes 17-18 km/h, and the Sea Fisher 610, also with two people, 19-20 km/h. These are the laws of physics, but it's amazing to watch! Inflatable boats are a completely different matter. The boat needs to go gliding, so a powerful engine is needed and every kg of weight counts. For example, a boat 4 meters long with two people under a 6 hp engine. will no longer be able to go gliding and will move at a speed of up to 10 km/h. And the Sea Fisher 610 catamaran - up to 20 km/h. Strange thing! Here is the fundamental difference in design in action.
      Therefore, there is no need to worry at all about the length of catamarans. The only exception to this is if you plan to paddle. It is not convenient to turn or go against the wind by rowing a large catamaran. And if there will also be a strong side wind..., the sailability of the vessel must be taken into account. And under the engine - no questions. What really needs to be considered is the total weight of your vessel. If you are not planning transportation on a carriage, but assembly and disassembly, you will have to lift it. But there is a pleasant surprise here: if it is desirable to bring the boat to the water, then the catamaran can be brought to the water. All Boathouse catamarans have balloon protection from below. Therefore, you can see the weight of the catamaran without the hard deck, which is located separately. It takes one person to pull a Sea Fisher 610 catamaran weighing 54kg and a hard deck weighing 36kg out of the trunk of a car. One person can also unfold and assemble it in almost 10-15 minutes! And this is a medium-sized catamaran, in which there will be enough space for the whole family, even for trips! We listen to sailors who say that there are not many ships. And this applies 100% to catamarans. When choosing a model, choose with a margin.
      And the last important point. When choosing a catamaran, pay attention to its carrying capacity. In order for you to get good running properties, the bottom of the catamaran should not touch the surface of the water. Therefore, if the load capacity of the selected model is set to, for example, 800 kg, your maximum load should not exceed this figure. And better - 10-15 percent lower - about 700 kg. The exception to this rule is Bober high-speed catamarans. All information is available on the website.
We hope this information was useful to you. And if you have any other questions - call us or write - we will be happy to answer them!
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