A universal platform on the water - for both military and civilian use.

  • 24.12.2023
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Even before the war, we developed the Sundeck catamaran, which translates as "Sun Deck". Its design is quite simple: a completely flat deck made of marine plywood and aluminum stands on aluminum pipes, which are fixed on inflatable balloons made of German PVC fabric. Thus, everything is high-quality, reliable and safe. A model line of Sandek catamarans from 4.6m to 8.7m in length was developed. All have the same width - 2.5 m.

What is this catamaran for? Imagine a level platform on the water with an anti-slip surface, with an area of 6 to 16 square meters. This is a ready-made floating platform, of course with a transom under the engine, for the future construction. It was planned to build various houses, baths and gazebos for recreation and fishing on it. But the war offers its corrections. Therefore, these plans were stopped until peacetime after the victory.

The main issue was the reliability of inflatable balloons. Therefore, they are made only of high-quality German PVC fabric, with additional protection from the bottom and divided into several hermetic compartments. The carrying capacity of Sundeck catamarans is from 600 kg to 3000 kg. Military experts know better than us what can be placed on such catamarans. It should be emphasized that catamarans are much safer than ordinary boats, and do not capsize even in a big wave or with an unevenly placed load. Also, they need a much weaker, and therefore cheaper, engine for reliable movement.

If you have good suggestions, our production will fulfill them for you. We are waiting for your order! Take advantage of the current promotion - 20% discount on all models! Glory to the Armed Forces!
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