• 14.12.2023
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Congratulations to all our users, current and potential! Glory to Ukraine! One interesting thought appeared and therefore, it is very desirable to discuss it with you.
We manufacture many different boats, including large catamarans called Travel Max and Travel XXL. They have a cylinder diameter of 65 cm, a width of 260 cm and a maximum length of 860 cm.

The difference between them is that Travel XXL is prepared for commercial use and has additional cylinders with a diameter of 32 cm. You can learn much more about it on our website. But their general structure is the same. The main thing is that the bottom does not rest on the surface of the water at maximum load. This has many advantages. The catamaran rests on the water on two cylinders and, thanks to this, has minimal resistance to the current, and therefore it is possible to use low-power engines for fast movement. And this is a big savings! Another advantage is the outflow of all the water that gets inside. Whether it is a downpour or moving in storms - there will be no water inside. This design is not submersible, and therefore very safe. But it also has its shortcomings. This is a limitation in carrying capacity and insufficient depth inside. Thus, the carrying capacity of the largest catamaran, 860 cm long, is limited to 2100 kg.

At the same time, it can accommodate up to 30 people! And the internal depth is 28 cm.
  And here is the main question! We can change the design in such a way that the bottom of the catamaran is lowered well below the middle of the cylinders. What will it do? First, the carrying capacity will increase significantly, almost 2 times and will amount to 4000 kg! And on the smallest, designed for up to 10 people - 1500 kg! And secondly, the internal depth will be 42 cm, which will allow you to comfortably sit on the balloons, and place all the things inside and in the front large trunk. Then, almost an entire platoon of soldiers in full ammunition will deploy. But the speed will be much lower on a weak engine and water can accumulate inside.

We, as manufacturers, will be very grateful to you for your thoughts and wishes on this occasion. It is advisable to leave advice and thoughts to boathouse.ua@gmail.com, or to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, signal: +38 067 570 32 08. Thank you in advance! We really want our boats to be safe, useful and more perfect for you! Glory to heroes!
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