Floating leisure inflatable catamaran Sea Fisher 550А

  • 09.05.2018
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   Opened the season on May 1 on a new boat - the catamaran Sea Fisher 550A. Installed on it the engine 9.9 hp. with remote control and a tank, which means - the steering console, echo sounder, rod holder, anchor, anchor roller and captain's chair. It's all in the short captain's cockpit. A large cockpit was equipped as a wardroom: four armchairs and a table. A large awning covers the entire boat. Ahead is a huge secure locker. And, of course, Kiyashko's gun carriage.

Alloy Catamaran

Floating leisure inflatable catamaran Sea Fisher 550А
The catamaran turned out to be light for such a length - in assembly less than 150 kg. And the trailer is transported easily, and descent to the water is very easy. On time - no more than 15 minutes.
At idle speed along the current speed of 5-6 km per hour. The engine is almost not audible, nice bass sound, no vibrations (2 cylinders!), And under the awning is very comfortable.
     This year, strong spills, so fishing was not successful. But they got a lot of fun from the landscapes and from the catamaran. Comfortable armchairs and a table with coasters create the feeling of an expensive boat. But the whole budget was about 7000! It's with the motor and the carriage!

Pleasure catamaran for rafting and fishing

Awning in the spring can not be set, - under it it was really cool. But in the heat it will be salvation. A small sediment makes it possible to walk in shallow water, and additional protection of the lower part of the cylinders allows for all sorts of liberties: to hit the log, to run aground, to climb along reeds, etc.
      The composition of our team is me, my wife and two boys. They are still small, so after dinner they were laid to sleep right under the table.))) 2 children's beds - 50x90cm. An adult can also lie down: a head on one cylinder, and legs on the other. If someone touched someone in a good company.))) Anything can happen. We put the fleksik on the floor ...
     They had a rest, they were walking at different speeds, in different places. We can draw the following conclusions. A wonderful family boat for rest and fishing. Very economical, comfortable and absolutely safe. But it's not suitable for fans to drive. Maximum speed against the current, we had 20 km per hour, and downstream - 24 km per hour. As for us - this is more than enough. For ourselves, we determined that the basic speed of movement (economical and comfortable) is 10-15 km / h. The wind does not blow, the motor does not tire, you have time to consider everything, and you do not strain at the wheel. By the way, this is the speed of the running man!
     Before this catamaran we had a RIB 4.5m with a motor of 50 hp, so he could walk at a speed of up to 9 km per hour - with a nose already cocked, or on a glider - 35 - 50 km per hour. That is, either creep or fly. A walk and run? How much money? One motor is more expensive than our entire catamaran in complete configuration and with a carriage! They sold ... They bought what they wanted.
     In general, now the whole family is happy and ready for rest and fishing every weekend. What do you want!
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