Ideal PVC boat for fishing and hunting

  • 05.03.2019
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Ideal PVC boat for motor

Smart Fisher 380 - double boat for fishing and hunting or walking on the water. Like all floating BOATHOUSE PVC boats have a catamaran structure (the bottom does not touch the water), thanks to this, the Smatra Fisher inflatable boat has excellent controllability, stability, directional stability and a very easy course both at the oars and under the 6 liter motor.

Double boat for fishing

The Smart Fisher PVC fishing boat goes smoothly in all speed ranges, does not lift its nose with a sharp start or high speed, and on 1 liter of fuel is able to walk with you 26 km. - it is very economical.
Sun tent, plastic chair, rod holders and echo sounder is a small list of additional equipment installed on the boat for a comfortable and safe rest, tourism, fishing.
 For all issues with the purchase of the boat, obtaining qualified advice on the configuration, installation of additional equipment, warranty and post-warranty service, as well as
More information on the model range of PVC inflatable boats for fishing and hunting Smart Fisher can be found on the manufacturer's website:
Ideal PVC boat for fishing and hunting
SMART FISHER 370 has a load capacity of 380 kg and a landing formula 2+2. So, you can take on board two more people, but for a good fishing it will be too tight.
Ideal PVC boat for fishing and hunting
Ideal PVC boat for fishing and hunting
Ideal PVC boat for fishing and hunting
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