Planing high-speed fishing catamaran

  • 05.09.2021
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Planing catamaran

   We offer you a video that will tell you about the procedure and features of assembling a conceptually new model of a high-speed planing catamaran for fishing and hunting of the BOBER series from the manufacturer BOATHOUSE. The inflatable fishing high-speed catamaran Bober is assembled for 15 minutes and does not require special skills and equipment.

High-speed fishing catamaran

   The planing catamaran is based on three basic requirements - safety, comfort and speed! The fishing catamaran is built on a 55 cylinder with a flat bottom airdeck, adjustable benches with the possibility of installing soft linings, a reinforced transom that allows you to use an engine with a power of up to 30 hp. Test speed with 9.9hp engine was 39 km / h with one passenger and 37 with two. You can familiarize yourself with tests and measurements of speed parameters in other videos about this model!
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