TRAVEL XXL series - commercial inflatable catamarans

  • 12.09.2021
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Commercial catamarans

    A series of commercial inflatable catamarans for commercial use TRAVEL XXL - tourism, excursions, boat trips and travel, the delivery of divers and fishermen. The commercial catamaran is built on a 67 tank and is equipped with bulwarks with a diameter of 32 cm, which will ensure the comfort, convenience and complete safety of your passengers.

Inflatable commercial catamarans

   An inflatable commercial catamaran, even with a wave of 1.5-2 meters, will remain completely stable - it will not roll over or overturn due to its unique structure and equipment with filleboards. A constructive solution with a carpet on the main sides solves several issues at once, one of the key ones being the placement of the largest possible number of passengers with a budgetary configuration of a pvc catamaran for commercial purposes.

Pvc commercial catamarans

   The TRAVEL XXL series offers you five models of different sizes and configurations - so you can choose which model of an inflatable pvc commercial catamaran is suitable for you personally or for your business.
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