Single tourist inflatable kayak for rafting, fishing STREAM 300

  • 23.01.2020
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Inflatable kayak

   Single tourist inflatable kayak for rafting, travel and fishing STREAM 300. The inflatable kayak is made of PVC fabric, with a density of 750, made in Germany. Hydrodynamic-shaped inflatable balloons are solid, have no seams, and are protected by a girder from below, which greatly expands your capabilities when passing through inaccessible places during rafting or fishing, and also ensures complete safety of the kayak.

Tourist inflatable kayak

   The side pockets of their PVC fabric will allow you to place everything you need for a hike and nothing will interfere with you inside the cockpit, which increases comfort when placing and rowing and accordingly does not take up space. Convenient fastening of the oar, two waterproof lockers in the aft and bow, hard flooring made of sea plywood, no rolls, you can calmly stand in the kayak without worrying that it will turn over - all this will allow you to look at the kayaking rafting from a completely new perspective - comfort, safety - The main thing that kayaks and catamarans BOATHOUSE give.
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