SUP mini catamarans for fishing, hunting, rafting

  • 09.03.2019
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SUP mini catamaran - fishing, hunting, rafting

By 2019, the company Boathouse made restyling models SUP-KAT. Mini-catamarans were appreciated by consumers. As we expected, they received the greatest popularity in beach rentals and for fishing in floods and other hard-to-reach places. For winter fishing, the people have not yet realized the full utility of the mini-catamaran, especially in terms of safety.
 This is a new topic - you need to make a video. 95% of customer reviews are positive. I especially like the light weight and fast assembly, excellent cross-country ability and easy running. And at sea, 100% of positive emotions are celebrated - everyone likes them. And who does not know how to use SUP, he just rides like a kayak. Especially olichnye sensations on the waves.
SUP mini catamarans for fishing, hunting, rafting

SUP for fishing

 The light transom was installed earlier only on SUP-KAT-S. But since the “F” model (with a hard flooring in the form of an upper level platform, 125 cm x 62 cm in size) was also fond of fishermen, they also began to install a lightweight transom under the electric motor on it. Or rather, not even a transom, but a double transverse frame, but it is quite enough for an electric motor. And since there is an electric motor, then you need a battery. Therefore, the rear luggage compartment on both models made tough to secure the battery on it. Thus, the cockpit itself remained completely free.

 For better directional stability, stabilizer was increased in size, and instead of a large BOATHOUSE sticker, two small ones on the sides. The price has increased slightly and remains very attractive. Mini-catamarans are made only from German PVC fabric and marine laminated plywood. Everything is designed for long and trouble-free operation in any conditions.
SUP mini catamarans for fishing, hunting, rafting
SUP mini catamaran, inflatable board for fishing, hunting in the swamps. Buy SUP Board
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