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  • 10.01.2020
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водные путешестия                                         RELAX IS CHEAPER THAN TO WORK!

We all want to have an interesting and comfortable rest. And what could be better than travel? Only a water trip! You admire new beautiful views, bathe, sunbathe, fish, choose the cleanest and most beautiful places for the night .... Dream! Rest on the coast clearly can not provide this. Every year there are more and more vacationers, and fewer good places. Not everyone takes care of nature, and as a result trampled trashy places, campfires, and public toilets in all the bushes ?! And what to do in one place for more than 3 days?

катамаран пвх для сплава

We offer a solution to this problem once and for all - travel across any water expanses on comfortable and safe Boathouse catamarans. Not just river rafting, but travel! What are the differences? Let's figure it out.

      The most popular and affordable water recreation today is kayaking. Some rafting in inflatable boats, less often - on rafts. The word "rafting" itself implies movement along the river, usually on oars. Rafting is a wonderful outdoor activity, but there are certain difficulties that everyone faces.

катамаран для водных путешествий

- You need to find and pay for transport that will deliver you and all things to the place of rafting.

- It is necessary to accurately calculate the distance and time for which you are going to pass it. And if it rains for several days? There are no options, you have to go according to plan.

- You also need to find, arrange and pay for the transport that will pick you up at the end point of the rafting.

- Daily search for a place to spend the night on the beach, setting up a camp, unloading things, searching for firewood and other troubles. All this very quickly bothers, and if there are mosquitoes or rain ....

сплав на катамаране

These problems are partially solved if we buy group kayaking tours. But are everyone happy with such conditions? A motley company, constant noise and clutter, nearby tents in the parking lot, easily overturned kayaks, lack of basic comfort, scorching sun or rain ....

And, excuse me, wash, wash, toilet ??? Therefore, the most common weekend alloys. You can somehow suffer all these inconveniences for several days for the sake of the rafting.

славной катамаран с мотором

But, the main question - why? If you can once and for all solve the problem of summer holidays by buying a Boathouse catamaran! What then are we working for? This is how we imagine real relaxation.

      It will be very convenient if the catamaran and all the equipment for it will be stored in your ordinary passenger trailer. Depending on the number of people and your capabilities, from the whole variety of models, you can choose the perfect option for yourself. Let's look at the average in size and cost option.

катамаран для сплава 

The composition of the team is two adults and three children. Catamaran Sea Fisher 610 with a double side platform on the port side and two tents on it. In the front cockpit there is a cabin for 5-6 people and a galley - a table, chairs, a gas stove and a gas fumigator. All products and utensils are stored in the front locker, and things are stored in tents. In the captain's cockpit - a 6 hp Suzuki engine, a tank, 2 chairs, a dry closet, a bathing ladder, an anchor and rod holders are installed. And, of course, the entire catamaran is covered with an awning from the sun and rain and is illuminated by LED solar-powered lights. By the way, the engine can be installed not gasoline, but electric. It is only necessary to fix the solar panels on the tent to charge the batteries, and instead of the tank put two batteries of 100A each.

     So, on vacation! We put food and travel items in the car, hooked the trailer and go!

You can choose any river in Ukraine - for example, the Dnieper, Seversky Donets, the Sejm, Desna, etc. .. You can go to Poland, Finland, Croatia .... Where do you want!

катамаран под мотор

Have you chosen? Go. Arrived at the place. Collected on the shore of a catamaran. All of the above is collected within 2 hours. They dragged it into the water (catamaran cylinders are protected from below along the entire length), folded products and things. Everything, we are ready for the journey! Forgot about the car? We put it in the parking lot, or at a recreation center, or in the courtyard of a private house. You can always find something nearby and agree.

     The journey begins upstream, if along the river. In the second half of the journey we will be rafting downstream. We move, almost silently, at low speeds or generally silently on an electric motor. We’re not in a hurry, we begin to relax. Where to rush if we even have 2 bedrooms on our side! Soft chairs and all necessary equipment create very comfortable conditions for relaxation. We stop at the sandy shallows to swim in the fenders, observe fish, birds and animals, and fish in the most interesting places. In the mornings - silence, coffee, fishing rod, fog over the water .... Every evening, fresh ear, wine, cigar, beautiful music .... At our disposal are the best fishing spots, pristine natural beaches, uninhabited islands. And how great it is to sleep in a quality tent above the water, what air and view from the window! The gas fumigator perfectly protects against mosquitoes. We stop only in the most beautiful places. Soft, dry, warm and absolutely safe. The rain or sunshine does not bother us either - we are under the reliable protection of the awning.

надувной катамаран пвх

This is not a fairy tale and not an advertisement - this is a usual holiday on Boathouse catamarans!

     For days 9, we climb upstream, and then, 6 days, rafting to the place where our journey began. What is noteworthy, a trip downstream is perceived as if it were in new places — a different viewing angle. You can talk endlessly about nature and fishing, but what we see from the water - wild beaches and islands, swift rocks and shallows with clear water, the deepest places and whirlpools, bays and tributaries - you will never see all this from the shore. And all this is at our disposal! Just a delight! According to the health effects on the body, such a vacation is one of the best.

     But it all ends sometime. Dismantling takes a little more than 2 hours, because it’s better to carefully and neatly store in a trailer dry and clean. You won’t have to wash your catamaran before your next trip. They all loaded it, got into their car, and drove home. We are not dependent on anyone!

For the season, it is optimal to do 2 trips (navigation) for 15 days. In this mode, the catamaran and all the equipment will last you 10-15 years. And how many beautiful places in different countries you can see! For reference: in many European countries with a 6 hp engine You can move around freely. The exception is the inland enclosed water bodies of Austria, Switzerland and a number of other countries. But if the catamaran is equipped with an electric motor - you have no obstacles!

Семейный отдых на воде

We pay special attention to safety, reliability and comfort. These are the most important criteria in travel and rafting. Apart from the initial cost of the catamaran and equipment, all trips for you will be cheaper than ordinary city everyday life. Resting is cheaper than working! It is true, it is real! But what about the fuel for travel? If you have a four-stroke 6-horsepower gasoline engine installed, you will calmly consume, on average, 2-3 liters of gas for 5 running hours per day. If the electric motor - no costs at all! And if you put our "Latin" sail, you can cross the sea!

"Having BOATHOUSE - you live with pleasure."






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