A very useful thing - both for military and civilians - Mobile beach

  • 07.12.2023
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Glory to Ukraine! Dear friends, we continue to report to you about our developments, which we did not have time to publish on our website in full, with photos and videos. One of these new developments is Mobile beach. Why did we call it that? Because an inflatable platform, placed on cylinders, can be used as a trailer for a boat, and be self-propelled. The website has the smallest Mobile beach 220 - its length is 220 cm, and its width is 160 cm. Therefore, if you wish, you can familiarize yourself with it. There are good photos, but we did not have time to shoot a video. Cursed war... And we will introduce you to the large Mobile beach, 440 cm long!
      Mobile beach 440 has the same design as 220. It is also 160 cm wide and has a platform on balloons with a diameter of 21 cm. But you can also put it on 32 cm cylinders. Then it will not be so convenient to climb on it from the water, but you will greatly increase the carrying capacity. In peacetime, Mobile beach 440 was planned to be used in the following cases.
      As a boat trailer with a side attachment, or tow it behind. Imagine a flat platform on the water, with an area of 7 square meters and a load capacity of about 1500 kg! This is a real beach, a cargo platform, a place for rest, or fishing, and even a place to spend the night! Mobile beach 440 can accommodate two 3-person tents. And if there is one, then there will still be plenty of room! In addition, the Mobile beach 440 can be equipped with a hinged transom and move independently on an electric motor.
      The question arises, how can it be used during war? First of all, as a rescue platform or cargo platform. If it is installed on cylinders with a diameter of 32 cm, its maximum carrying capacity will be more than 1500 kg! A belay halyard runs along the entire perimeter, which you can hold on to or fasten loads. The balloons create minimal resistance in the water, but with a load of up to 240 kg, until the platform touches the surface of the water. If a hard surface is needed, you can put marine plywood with a non-slip surface on top. On the shore, you can blow up balloons and spread the Mobile beach on any mud - it will be dry and soft to rest.
      Mobile beach 440 is assembled very quickly - you need to pump up 3 hermetic compartments (2 cylinders and a platform). It is compact when folded and weighs only 35 kg. Made with only high quality materials and German PVC fabric for boats. Now, until our WIN, there is a promotion, so Mobile beach 440 can be purchased for $1,450, of course, in hryvnias, at the NBU exchange rate. We hope that you will like this novelty, especially since it is unique in its properties! As they say, there are no analogues. Glory to heroes!
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