Pedal Fishing Catamaran

  • 20.09.2021
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Catamaran for fishing

   The pedal drive was installed on an inflatable catamaran for fishing, hunting and water walks of the SMART FISHER series. In this video we will show you how simple and convenient it is to install the steering for a PVC inflatable catamaran.

Inflatable catamaran for fishing

   The SMART FISHER series of fishing catamarans belongs to the category of light inflatable catamarans with excellent maneuverability, increased passability, thanks to the reliable protection of the lower part of the cylinders from the landing bar, as well as light weight and very fast assembly - one person # catamaran assembles in 15 minutes!

Fishing catamaran

   The SMART FISHER series of inflatable catamarans for fishing and hunting from the manufacturer BOATHOUSE includes 9 models. Installation of the pedal drive is focused on the most popular model SMART FISHER 395 is a full-fledged double catamaran. Each model of an inflatable catamaran has good speed, stability, complete safety, comfort and of course economy.
PVC catamaran for fishing
   The unique structure of the fishing catamaran allows you to use the full range of engine power, from low to high speeds, without failure in speed and fuel consumption. So the engine of 6 hp is quite enough for comfortable movement on fishing, hunting or water walk or travel.
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