High-speed planing boat BOATHOUSE

  • 02.10.2021
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Speed ​​boat

   The BOBER series of high-speed fishing boats from the manufacturer of inflatable catamarans, kayaks and boats BOATHOUSE will be on sale very soon. The main difference between Bober planing fishing boats from all models of inflatable catamarans is high speed, and it is maintained on any power plants, and the unique design of an inflatable high-speed boat allows you to use 100% of all engine modes without failures!

High speed inflatable boat

   On the speed characteristics during the tests of the pre-production model of a high-speed inflatable boat with a 9.9 hp engine. you can watch the video on our Boathouse channel, in this video we will show the behavior of a high-speed inflatable planing boat with oars and under a 6 hp engine.

High speed planing boat

   The high-speed pvc inflatable boat BOBER has a flat bottom airdeck, adjustable benches on guides (if you wish, you can complete with soft pads for greater comfort), hydrodynamic inflatable balloons, 55 cm in diameter, with a minimum angle of attack on the water, built-in transom, 48 mm thick, which allows the use of a gasoline engine with a capacity of 30 hp, also on the transom there is a place for installing an electric motor.
Speed ​​boat for fishing
   During the tests, the high-speed planing boat showed excellent handling, directional stability, the absence of rolls during sharp maneuvers, does not lift its nose during a quick start, which together demonstrates the excellent safety of a high-speed gliding fishing boat.
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