mitation of a hole in the inflatable balloon of the catamaran

  • 15.09.2021
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   In this video we will simulate a hole in the inflatable balloon of a catamaran, boat or kayak BOATHOUSE. In the first version, we will hit the fender with a sharp metal object - the lower point of the inflatable balloon of the catamaran.
   The blows were applied both at right angles and at sharp angles - the result is the same - it is impossible to pierce the hydrodynamic cylinder on which the catamaran is built. Moreover, under the fender bar there is a three-layer gluing with pvc fabric, from which the inflatable catamaran is made.
   Therefore, our advice if you are planning or already using your catamaran for fishing, rafting, walking, traveling in extreme conditions, the best solution would be to order the installation of additional protection for the bottom of the cylinders, 6 cm wide in each direction. This will minimize the possibility of damage to the PVC catamaran cylinders.
   In the second part, the PVC fabric itself was punched - at an angle of 90 degrees, it is quite easy to damage the fabric, but at an angle that imitates the movement of a catamaran is almost impossible. The object slides on the PVC fabric, leaving only small scratches that do not affect the integrity of the catamaran balloon.
    You will also see how to make emergency repair of the hole, so to speak in the field. It's pretty simple and fast.
mitation of a hole in the inflatable balloon of the catamaran
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