Falseboards - a benefit or an extra thing?

  • 12.02.2024
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The bulkheads are additional inflatable balloons that are placed on top of the catamaran's main balloons in the upper outer part. There are a lot of questions about whether they are needed, in what cases, for what diameter of the main cylinder, etc.. Let's find out this question together.
      The main goals and tasks that the bulwarks solve.
1. Increase the height of the freeboard. This is important if you will go by boat on large reservoirs or on the sea. Of course, bulwarks provide additional protection from waves and prevent water from entering. 2. Protect from splashes that can annoy at high speed and in strong winds. 3. To increase the safety of the boat. Two bulwarks are an additional two airtight compartments, as well as additional protection, especially for children, to prevent them from falling out of the catamaran overboard. 4. Significantly increase the internal volume of the internal space. Due to the fact that the bulwarks are attached to the outer upper part of the main cylinders, the entire area of the cylinders can be used. And this, in fact, is a lot. For example, on the Travel Max 660 catamaran, with a diameter of 65 cm, we install bulwarks with a diameter of 21 cm. We have additional space on the main cylinders - about 3 square meters!
      The bulkheads have different diameters and any length. The diameter can be 15 cm, 21 cm and 32 cm. Of course, bulwarks with a diameter of 32 cm can be installed only on the largest catamarans with main cylinders 65-67 cm in diameter. And the bulwarks, with a diameter of 15 cm, are installed on catamarans with main cylinders of 42 cm and 45 cm. By the way, the dinghies with oars are installed on the bulwarks.
      However, it should be noted that a catamaran with bulwarks has some disadvantages. There are not many of them, and the benefits are much greater, but they are there. And you need to be aware of this so that you are completely satisfied with the use of the boat. 1. With bulwarks, it is impossible to swim over the side of the catamaran. In another way: it is very, very difficult to climb in from the water through the bulwark. Therefore, it is desirable to install the bulwark not up to the transom itself, so that it is possible to place the gunpowder for bathing on the main cylinders. 2. The bulwarks significantly impair movement on the oars - the width between the oars increases significantly. 3. The assembly time increases, the sailability of the vessel increases, and the total weight increases slightly.
      From now on, knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of bulwarks, you can decide for sure whether to install them on your catamaran or not. If you still have doubts, call or write to us. We will be happy to help you!
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